Ask The Mom Squad: Holiday Photos

As parents, we all need a little help every now and then. I have been blessed to have a diverse group of moms that I interact with on a daily basis, and I often go to them for advice! We have assembled a group of “experts” to try to find answers to questions you may have! They may not know the answer to everything, but they may know where to find it! To submit a question, click Contact Us, and say Ask The Mom Squad in the subject line.

Julie asks:

What should we wear for our holiday family portrait?  And what’s the best way to take a decent holiday photo of my kids at home?

Our Photography expert, Maggie says:

As far as clothes for the portrait, I would highly recommend not trying to be too cookie cutter matching. If you have four or more individuals, coordinating colors are the best- just pick a color or two and have everyone wear something in that range (like blue and gray, green and tan, red and black, etc). Solids coordinate the best but at the holidays there are some fun plaids and prints that you can play with. Just don’t get too “busy”!

To get the best possible shot at home, use natural light if you can for a bright and glowing photograph. Indoor flashes on most point and shoot cameras can make faces look washed out, eyes glow red, and backgrounds dark. If you have the option, put the camera on a tripod or solid surface and turn off the flash to make full use of the natural light coming through windows or doors. Don’t worry about trying to get a perfect shot of well behaved children posing sweetly in front of the fireplace- that’s not how your kids usually sit and act, is it? I can still look back at those awful Christmas photos of my brother and I forced to wear our handmade outfits, sitting awkwardly in front of the tree and remember that behind those forced grins we were really pinching each other to make the other one scream first. Mom would end up pleading and crying, I would end up threatening my brother so we could get it over with, and he would end up with a scowl on his face in most pictures. Just not natural. Let your kids play and take pictures of them playing together on the hearth or in front of the tree, admiring the ornaments. Dress them in their favorite toboggan and scarf and take your holiday photos outside. Pile the kiddies on the couch with a soft blanket and snap away.

Maggie Farrington is a High Country mom and freelance photographer in Boone. She graduated in 1999 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology & a minor in art- which she mostly earned with photography classes. She fell in love with close-up photography, and though still fascinated by the beauty of classic black & white, she has also found a love for color photography and the vibrant spectrum that is around us all the time. You can contact Maggie at Farrington Photography, to order fabulous photo holiday cards, or to schedule a photo shoot!