Ask the Mom Squad: Organizing Closets on a Dime

Jennifer asks this question:

I need some help organizing my children’s clothes and socks. I have two girls and one boy. The girls share a room with one closet. I have limited space and money. Please help!

Our Cleaning and Home Organization Expert, Lessa says this:

If I am looking at a basic closet with a long bar, straight across the top, this is what I would suggest. Hang everything that is long (dresses, pants etc) on one end and everything that is short (shirts, skirts etc) on the other. Hanging clothes really maximizes your space. I can’t stand dressers!

The space that is available underneath your children’s clothing should be your organizing space. The first thing you need to do is find a shelf board and hang it about 18 inches from the floor. You can get a shelf board from the Habitat Restore, Freecycle, a thrift store, anywhere really! You might even be surprised at what you find in your own house! You can get super cheap brackets to hang it with from Lowes.

Then you need a few baskets or bins. They can be any size or shape as long as 3-4 of them will fit on the shelf and they need to be deep enough to hold socks, undies, etc… The thing that is most fun is letting your kids make it their own. Let them paint the shelf and bins so they feel like they had a part in what you are doing. I know my little one melts down at the first sign of change.

Finally, fill your bins with whatever you need to fill them with. One bin for socks, one for undies, one for PJ’s and maybe one for misc. stuff like tights, scarves, and gloves. The space that is underneath the bins should be used for shoes! You can also always reverse this and put the bins under the shelf and shoes on top. This works for us!”

Lessa gave a great suggestion for very little money! I’ll be using this one, too! So what are your ideas? Share in the comments.

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  1. Thanks! This sounds easy and very doable! Thanks again!!

  2. You are welcome Jennifer! Come back next week if you wanna take back your kitchen!