Awesome Deal Alert! BIG saving at Harris Teeter next Week!

I’ve learned from my intelligence operatives at Harris Teeter, that they will be offering triple coupons FOR  7 DAYS straight, starting Wednesday, March 25!

This amazing deal is going to help lots of us get on top of the shopping – and the budget!

There are a few changes to the coupon policy for this special event:

  • You are still limited to 20 tripled coupons per transaction.
  • After the 20 triple coupons, the rest will NOT be doubled.  They will be taken at face value.

I’m going to be going through my coupons, and putting them in groups of 20 to get ready for next week.  I’ll also check to see if the Grocery Game will have a special list for the week.  Sometimes they do that for triple coupons.

HAPPY SHOPPING!  And I’ll race you to the deals!

NOTE:  If you have coupons for items that you don’t use, this may be a great time to stock up for charity! You can donate to the Watauga County Hunger and Health Coalition, or the Hospitality House of Boone.  Or how about leaving a bag of groceries with a neighbor you know is struggling!.


  1. Thanks! That is great!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Sarah!! Off to find a newspaper!!

  3. Thanks for the info! Great work.

  4. Thanks for sharing! Are their good coupons in today’s paper?

  5. Thanks!

  6. Lindsey Thompson says:

    just to clarify its 20 coupons per day per household are tripled.
    go to for lots of great info and you can see the Harris Teeter coupon policy.