Awesome Deal Alert! Wee Cycle Children’s Consignment Starts Thursday!

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The Wee Cycle Children’s Consignment Sale is a seasonal staple here in the High Country!  Each season, many moms clear out their gently worn children’s clothing, and stock up for the season to come!  I love to go to Wee-Cycle and find great quality, name brand clothes at a fraction of retail price!

This special Winter/Holiday Sale will run for


Location: 1100 East King Street(Near New Market Center in the old Mitsubishi/Hyundai Bldg.)

Dates: Thursday, Nov. 5th – Saturday, Nov. 7th, 2009

Store Hours: 10am – 7pm

At this sale, you can find beautiful furniture, a huge selection of winter clothes,  toys, and much more! I say it’s never too early to do your Christmas Shopping!  I am always calling my sisters-in-law and brothers from the sale to see if their kids need anything, so this time, I’ll prepare ahead of time and find out their sizes before I go!

Click here to visit the website and find out more information.  You can sign up for email alerts about Wee Cycle, as well!  Never miss another sale!

This season’s sale will also feature local vendors and artisans!  Here is a little of what you can expect this week, and I suggest getting there early!


WCCC - Winter Sale Furniture IMG_5399

See you there!

Disclosure: Mom Squad is proud to have Wee-Cycle as a sponsor.


  1. Just throwing this out there – I have some of my Niki’s Knacks at Wee Cycle this time! If you’re interested in any of my products, you can see Key Fobs, Chalkboard Placemats, I Spy Bags, and Crayon Rolls first hand! 🙂

  2. Thank you, Sarah for the great Wee-Cycle post! Wee-Cycle is blessed to have such a wonderful selection to offer at this Winter – Christmas/Holiday Sale. Looking forward to seeing you at the Sale! Sharon