Blowing Rock: A Little Town with a Lot to Offer


I find it very exciting to be able to share with you about the town that I call home . Although I have personal reasons as to why this town has become such a special place to me,  I do believe that my views are shared with many who have lived, worked, vacationed, or retired here in Blowing Rock.  You will find this resort town to be very friendly.   It is full of down to earth people who want to raise their kids in a healthy, and safe environment.  We have a good mix of generations here.   I believe it causes us to really learn and grasp the new ideas along with the ones that have been established for years.    People who live here want to stay here and those that have had to move away are usually trying to find a way to return.

Blowing Rock is a quaint village situated right off of the beautiful Blue Ridge Parkway. We are nestled in at about 4000 feet high.  We really get to experience all  four seasons here.   If you are a local here, you will have become very acquainted with the fog that frequently envelopes us in its tight embrace.   Blowing Rock has a unique Norman Rockwell feel to it and a storybook charm.

Best selling author Jan Karen based her famous novels The Mitford Series after our town. Our seasonal parades really reflect a southern step back in time and attract many from near and far.   We are one of the Top 10 North Carolina towns to retire in.   We live among some fascinating retirees that have so much to offer us in their stories and words of wisdom on how to mold and shape our lives and our future.

We are home to the wonderful Blowing Rock Stage Company which is a professional Theater held at The Mariam & Robert Hayes Performing arts Center. In 2008 it received a professional theater award.   We are very excited to have High School Musical 2 playing here soon.   Auditions are open to all youth from the ages of 12-24 and will be held at The Hayes Performing Arts Center on Sunday March 1st and Monday March 2nd. visit The Blowing Rock Stage Company website for more information

For those of us who really enjoy the snow, we have Appalachian Ski Area. They have created a new event for us ladies! Ladies Park Night

  • When: 2/21/09 (registration is from 5:00 – 6:30 pm, event starts at 7:00 pm
  • Open to: Women Skiers and Snowboarders of all age and ability
  • Event Fee: Free with purchase of a ski ticket
  • Location: Candied Appall

tweetsiethumbOne of our favorite family attractions is Tweetsie Railroad!! We have purchased season passes for the past 5 years and it will truly be a sad day when our kids grow out of enjoying this place.  Tweetsie is a family fun theme park that features a real authentic coal train.  Thomas the tank engine makes an appearance every year in  June for two weeks.   Yes, it is usually packed, but a definite must see for the kids.  On July 4th, Tweetsie puts off a fireworks display that is quite superb for this small town.

We have a unique blend of shopping boutiques, antique stores, and restaruants located on our charming mainstreet. We are  home to the  Tanger Shoppes On The Parkway.    I have gotten some amazing deals here!  Although, I do believe my husband cringes when I tell him that I just have to run out to pick up a few things!   I always seem to have gotten just a few extra’s because it was on sale!  There are lots of  things to do and experience here in Blowing Rock.   Some of our favorites are the things that don’t cost us a penny.   I will name a few of them.

  • Bass Lake
  • Moses Cone
  • The Broyhill Park in Downtown BR
  • Sledding on the ever popular hill near The Parkway and Shulls Mill Rd.
  • The Glen Burney Trail
  • Art In The Park
  • Blowing Rock Winterfest

I hope all of you  have a wonderful time discovering all the unique little areas here in the High Country. Each little town seems to create a uniqueness of its own. Have fun exploring!

What are your favorite things to do in Blowing Rock?



  1. Canyon’s Restaurant!!!

    Plus, Chetola…and everything you mentioned in your post. Great article!!!

    Scott in Pfafftown, NC

  2. Your site is awesome!!!

  3. we love the br park and of course, we love tweetsie!

  4. Kilwins!!!!

  5. My wife and I used to work at Chetola so it has a lot of warm-fuzzies associated with it. The park there is a nice spot to go after getting some ice-cream with the kids too.