Desperately Seeking Writers

The Mom Squad is in the process of growing very well in readership, thanks to all the wonderful Moms that have supported us and taken an active role in the site.   I have really enjoyed meeting several of you in person, and interacting through comments and email.

I would really like to start highlighting more local moms, in your own voice, and diversify the content here.  So I’m putting a call to moms interested in writing a weekly or monthly column here at the Mom Squad.  Here are some of my ideas.

  • Monthly updates from each High Country Area: ex: Zionville/Vilas, Deep Gap, Avery, Ashe, etc
  • Someone to take over the Weekly Events post every Thursday
  • Someone to coordinate and write Freebie Friday each week.
  • Monthly articles in specialty areas of expertise.

Right now, I have advertising/publicity to offer in return, but I’m hoping that will change once I can concentrate on the business model for the Website and TV Show.  If you are interested, please contact Sarah and we’ll talk!  I’m looking forward to hearing your ideas!.


  1. Amy Forrester says:

    you know i’ll help ya!

  2. Sweet! Thanks, Amy! And we’ve got a contributor from Beech Mountain! Thanks, Debbie!