Are you looking for a wonderful music experience for elementary and middle school age children this summer? This summer the Hayes School of Music is hosting a special workshop for music teachers, conductors, singers and others interested in voice and singing, offered by The VoiceCare Network (

We are asking for your help. We are looking for elementary and middle school-age singers to spend about 3 hours (one afternoon) to participate actively in the workshop and serve as a demonstration group.

The elementary-age children (recent 3rd & 4th graders) will be part of a session that focuses on how we can help to teach, learn, explore and develop the children’s voice in the general classroom setting. The children will be part of a music class. No minimum skill requirements!!! Every child with a voice is welcome! Kids are not required to sing solo or by themselves!! Totally non-threatening.

This session is scheduled for Monday, July 27.

Arrive at Broyhill Music Center: 1:00 pm

Done: 3:15 pm

The middle school students will participate in sessions that address all the very special, but totally normal things we experience during adolescent voice change. Many of us possibly remember the time when the voice just did not work and sound the same way any more. Maybe we gave up singing then? Here is the chance to provide young ladies and gentlemen with the opportunity to find out what is a very normal and predictable voice change. After this they will WANT to sing and continue to explore what their voices are capable of!! One session for male changing voice; one session for female changing voice. Best age: between 11 ½ – 14 (to guarantee that they are in the various stages of voice change…). We love those voices that seem to want to crack, ‘sound different’, maybe a little husky…. For these sessions the students will be asked to sing individually to explore and identify their singing range (again, in a very non- threatening environment – no same aged girls will be watching…!) and then collectively on a choral song.

These sessions are scheduled for Wednesday, July 29


Arrive at the Broyhill Music Center: 12:30 pm

Done: 3:00 pm


Arrive at 2:45 pm

Done: 4:30.

If you have children (have them contact and bring their friends, cousins – the more singers, the better!!! – to guarantee that the various stages of voice change are represented) that would be interested in participating in this event or have questions about it, please contact Steve Hopkins ( Please list name, age, and gender of each child that is interested.

Thank you for your help!.