Freebie Friday: 12-page Digital Scrapbook Created for YOU!

I’m really excited about this week’s Freebie! (Do I say that every week?)

Jaime Rhineheart, from Cjoy2Day Designs, creates beautiful, digital scrapbooks that far surpass any professional photo book you can find today! She’s also my design partner at my blog design business, Real Life Design. You can contact Jaime for all your digi-scrap and design needs at

What is a digital Scrapbook, you say? Well, it’s just like a traditional scrapbook, but without all the scissors and little paper scraps on the floor! And no microscopic double sided tape that sticks better to your finger than the page! It’s all done on the computer. Here is a sample of Jaime’s work, with photos taken by Maggie Farrington at

She has offered one Mom Squad reader a free 12-page (24 pages, front and back) 4×6 digital bragbook, and 50 free photo prints on Snapfish! Here’s it works:

  • You send your fabulous photos to Jaime, via email.
  • Jaime creates your scrapbook pages to compliment your photos and theme.
  • You print your 4×6 photo pages from for FREE!

Don’t you just love it? I wish I could win!

Here’s how to enter:

  • Watch the slide show in this post, and choose your favorite photo.
  • Leave a comment saying what draws you to that particular one. To Leave a comment, click the title (Freebie Friday…) and scroll down to the bottom.
  • If you are a Mom Squad subscriber, you get an extra chance! Leave a separate comment. To subscribe for daily or weekly email updates, see the top right sidebar of the page.
  • If you share this article by email, Facebook/MySpace, or blog, you get a third entry! Leave a third comment! (3 total per family please)

ANYONE can enter: moms, dads, grandparents, parents of older children, younger children, you name it!

PS: Start digging out your best cutest, and funniest baby pictures! You’ll know why in about a week!.


  1. Nicole Barker says:

    Wow what a great freebie, I am very excited

  2. Nicole Barker says:


  3. Amy Forrester says:

    I love the crying picture in the bucket… classic!!! I’m a big fan of reality in kids’ photos… keeps the real memories alive.

    I would LOVE this freebie!

  4. Amy Forrester says:


  5. I love the picture titled “Not Happiness”. We have all of these adorable pictures of our babies, but we rarely show the unhappy faces we see so often. Even though he is clearly upset, he is so adorable & it just makes you want to pick him up & hug him!

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  8. I love the “Not Happiness”. I love those kind of pictures and him being clearly not happy,is priceless.

  9. subscriber

  10. email

  11. I love the foot pic. Its so sweet and simple the little things that we will not remmeber as well as they get older.

  12. subscriber

  13. I love the foot picture- and I was looking at it, one of my 2 1/2 year olds said “oooh Mommy, it’s the baby’s foot- so cute!” that says it all.

  14. subscriber

  15. email

  16. I love the foot photo……aren’t baby feet the best?

  17. subscriber

  18. cherish was my favorite – what a great shot of your beautiful girl!

  19. subscriber

  20. hey! nice pics! 😉 i love the ‘find joy’ with the toes. they are my favorite baby body part. they bring me joy!

  21. proud subscriber!

  22. I love the foot pic! This week my daughter (who will be 10 next week) was looking through our photos. My husband is creating a video for her birthday and she was picking out photos for the video. She came across her baby book (which is not completed) and found her foot prints. She is now in a size 6 1/2 ladies shoe. Those feet grow fast.

  23. subscriber – you’re doing a great job Sarah!

  24. E-mail

  25. I love the page that says Not Happiness!! He is absolutely adorable in the bucket!!!

  26. Mom Squad Subscriber!!!

  27. I love the “not happiness” – so cute!

  28. subscriber

  29. shared on facebook!

  30. Tracy Greenberg says:

    I love the one of the baby’s foot! A cute shot right by the bottom!

  31. Tracy Greenberg says:


  32. Tracy Greenberg says:

    shared by email

  33. Karen Haury says:

    I was drawn to the one titled “Find Joy” with the sweet little baby feet. You can always find joy in the smallest things!

  34. Karen Haury says:


  35. Karen Haury says:


  36. I love the one with the baby crying in the bucket!

  37. Shared on facebook!!

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  39. I enjoyed the page with his name in the bottom right, along with his age at the time the photos were taken. What I really liked about this page is that you used close-ups – they really fill out the page. The flower in the middle draws the shots together in very simple way. The picture on the left is where my attention was first drawn upon seeing the page and it is absolutely adorable. I love its candidness. You did a great job!

  40. My favorite one is the foot one. I love pics like that. It’s hard to remember that my kids did indeed have feet that small. What a great picture!

  41. subscriber

  42. Sharing by email!!!!!

  43. I hope I win. 🙂

  44. subscriber

  45. I like the one with the baby crying in the bucket, because if I’ve noticed that my daughter seems to quickly change her mood when I take out the camera!

  46. subsciber

  47. i love the find joy/foot page. baby feet are just the cutest…and before you know it they are big ol’ stinky feet!

  48. subscriber

  49. shared on facebook

  50. I like the one of the foot. Baby feet are so sweet.

  51. subscriber

  52. I like the one with the two circles. I love the way all of the colors match.

  53. subscriber

  54. I love the page with the double exposure of the little boy with the hat on! It is so sweet! I love the expressions on his face.

  55. subscriber, would love to win

  56. I love the baby in the bucket. It shows how small nine months really is, while illustrating what it really looks like when you take your baby to have a picture taken. While there may be a few with big smiles, many end up with tears.

  57. This is a great freebie!

  58. sharing this on email

  59. YES! VICTORY! Love the pic where he’s playing with the toys! I barely remember my kids expressing such joy over little things!

  60. brand new subscriber!

  61. shared on Facebook!

  62. I like the pics in the shape of circles. Cute!

  63. Subscriber

  64. All great photos! I do love the “not happiness” one though. It put a smile on my face! HA!

  65. subscriber

  66. emailed

  67. ‘Find Joy’ is definitely my favorite – so unique and so cute. Wonderful shots throughout, however. A great talent and a beautiful baby.

  68. subscriber

  69. shared by email

  70. I love the Pic of the boy in the bucket!! The look is priceless!

  71. subscriber

  72. First timer for an entry and a scrape book, would love the chance to pass this on to my children. Loved the (remember) picture. All were truly adorable.

  73. subscriber

  74. I think “NOT Happiness” is really cute, but the shot of the little foot is really sweet. To bad feet don’t stay that small and cute.

  75. Oh, I almost forgot…….thanks Mel!!

  76. I love the one with the word “remember” in the left hand corner…he looks like he just completed his stack o rings and is throwing his fist in the air as if to say “YAY, I did it!!!” cute pictures and great book!!!