Freebie Friday: A Dozen Roses From Harris Teeter


Valentine’s Day and roses:  They go together like peanut butter and jelly, like Dora and Boots, like brownies and… more brownies.

I bet when you think of a dozen beautiful Red Roses in a vase, a grocery store isn’t the first thing that comes to your mind! This year many of us are having to look for ways to pinch pennies on all of our needs!  Don’t let the economy put a damper on your Valentine’s Day Celebration!

lgo005aHarris Teeter in Boone, just happens to feature a full-service florist right in the store! They can do wonderful flower arrangements for any occasion, from weddings to funerals to dance recitals.  And they will be stocked with red roses, ready for your Valentine next weekend!

In fact, twelve years ago, Judd and I chose Harris Teeter flowers for our wedding!  We had a very limited budget, and they did a beautiful job providing just the right blooms for our December wedding.lgo010a

Last week, I wrote about how I save at least half on my groceries, and I shop exclusively at Harris Teeter. Two programs in which they participate, help our kids in their education!   With the Together in Education program, HT donates a portion of your purchase to the school of your choice when you use your VIC card.  You have to tell the cashier, once each school year,  to link your card to the school. donates a portion of qualifying purchases to a college fund for your child, niece/nephew, grandchild, or friend!  Go to for all the details!

And now, for the giveaway!


Harris Teeter in Boone would like to award one Mom Squad reader (or your significant other…) a dozen red roses! A $27.99 value!
To enter the contest: Leave a comment telling your favorite flower!

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Contest will be open through Sunday night, February 8, and the winner will be announced Monday!

Also, be sure to visit my blog, Real Life, and enter to win custom Valentine’s Day Photo cards by CJoy2Day Designs!.

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  1. My favorite flower is daisies.

  2. I am a subscriber!

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  4. I can’t pick just one flower! Some of my favs are roses, tulips and daisies.

  5. Christina says:


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  7. I love a bouquet of wildflowers

  8. Lillies also

  9. Daffodils

  10. Lisa Hodges says:

    Carnations, Roses, Lillies, All are beautiful!

  11. Lisa Hodges says:


  12. Lisa Hodges says:


  13. Hard to pick just one…I love em all!

  14. Roses are my favorites!

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  16. I love daisies and yellow roses.

  17. subscriber

  18. Subscriber — tulips & freesia!

  19. Roses! I love them! Not only are they beautiful, but it makes me feel so good when I receive them.

  20. Subscriber!

  21. My favorite is lillies!

  22. subscriber

  23. Lillies and tulips

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  25. I love Lilacs!

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  27. my favorite flowers are calla lillies

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  30. my favorites are gerbera daisies

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  33. sunflowers!

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  36. Although I love roses, I really like tulips!(I think because they are a sign of spring and warmer weather)

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  38. I love daisies and tulips.

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  40. I love all of kinds of flowers and all colors. I guess some of my favorites are lillies, daisies and pansies.

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  42. I love stargazer lilies!

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  44. Roses and Pansies!!

  45. I’m a subcriber!!!

  46. I also shared this on Facebook!!!!

  47. carnations

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  49. My favorite flowers are any flowers! Salmon colored roses would have to my ultimate favorite though.

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  52. Marla Schiele says:

    My favorites are any that don’t have a strong smell. I like to enjoy my flowers without sneezing. So, I would have to say that Roses are right up there at the top of my list!

  53. Marla Schiele says:

    I shared this on facebook.

  54. Marla Schiele says:

    I’m a subscriber.

  55. Laurie Maggard says:

    Flowers! I love flowers! Any kind of flower!

  56. Gerber Daisies and Irises

  57. Anna Lynch says:


  58. Anna Lynch says: