Freebie Friday: A Movie Date!


Hopefully, You’ll be viewing this in our brand-spankin’-new site design! Don’t worry, the comments are safely ensconced and fully intact on our old site! We had a whopping 78 comments for the Movie Tickets. WOW!

And the winners are:

Movie Tickets:  Susan Miller

Soundtrack CD:  Jaime R,  Meredith M


Regal Cinema, at New Market Center, will no doubt be a popular destination this Valentine’s Day.  Something about sitting with my husband in the dark, holding hands, warms my heart – and I love the fact that if we want to talk, we have to whisper in each other’s ear.

OK OK!  Don’t gag, I’ll stop with the mushy stuff!

Regal Cinemas in Boone would like to treat one Mom Squad Reader with 2 free tickets to a movie of their choice!   The Mom Squad will also be giving two runners up the soundtrack from “He’s Just Not That Into You.” Click here to listen to samples.  I can’t necessarily recommend the movie, since I haven’t seen it, but the soundtrack is incredible!


Here’s how to enter:

Leave an extra comment if:


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  1. Catherine Hayes says:

    I would love to be able to take my husband to see Paul Blart- Mall Cop. We are new parents and haven’t gone out on a date since our first son was born in June. We love to stay home with him and play but we need time for just the two of us too. This would give us a chance to take a small break from our busy lives and enjoy just being with one another.