Freebie Friday: Ray’s Weather Stuff!

Contest Ended. Winner: comment #21 Christina C

Over the past week, I’m guessing we all checked Ray’s Weather Center about 10,768 times each! Am I right?  Well, aside from providing the best up-to-date weather information in the High Country, Ray’s features the best photography from local residents.

Ray is offering a brand new 2009 Calendar and a long-sleeve T-shirt from the new winter line to a Mom Squad reader. I love this year’s shirt design, and they really fit great. You can choose your size and color.

The 2009 Ray’s Weather Center Calendar is the best yet! Featuring 16 stunning photos from the annual photo contest, weather station locations and sponsors including updated map, record high and low temperatures for six High County cities, and daily normals for the foothills to the mountain tops. All the weather info you need packaged up beautifully.

$2 from every calendar purchased will be donated to the Hospitality House of Boone–a crisis intervention agency assisting adults and families in homeless situations. Hospitality House serves Ashe, Avery, Allegheny, Mitchell, Wilkes, Watauga, and Yancey Counties.

Click here for ordering information, including volume discounts, and for local merchants selling the calendar.  Great Idea:  When you’re done with the calendar, frame the photos and decorate a room!

To enter the contest:

Next week, we’ll feature tips for Holiday Photos and “Review-a-Palooza,” catching up on some business reviews and Holiday Gift Ideas..


  1. I love the cover picture! I would love to see a snow like that!

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  4. Loved December’s picture

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  6. March is my favorite month…partly because the photographer, Rebecca Landry is one of my favorite young ladies.

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  8. Lisa Hodges says:

    September is my favorite. Its a beautiful picture. It looks peaceful.

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  11. I love all the pictures!

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  13. June is my favorite. Growing up in Florida, I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, so it’s nice to remember the warmer months on days like today. Also, not only is my birthday in June, but those are my favorite flowers.

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  15. My favorite is November. Simply beautiful!

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  17. also emailed link, thanks

  18. October is my favorite!

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  20. Christina says:


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  22. July is my favorite!

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  24. I like October the best.

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  26. I love the May picture. All of them are so beautiful. I didn’t want to pick one. Imagine how they feel picking winners for the calender.
    I would love to win.

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  28. I love all the pictures. They are gorgeous!!! I guess I would pick November as my favorite.

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  30. My favorite is November! I love trees!

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  32. October… fall int he mountains is the best!

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  34. November

  35. Hi ladies, maybe I can help moderate this web site. I visit it all the time. Lots of fun. Hehehe I love kids, have a bunch of em myself.

  36. The June Picture is my absolute favorite!!! It’s just gorgeous!

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  38. Sharing by email!!!

  39. Jennifer Lacy says:

    Tough call! My “top three” are July (love that praying mantis), May (rays of light are fab), and November (gorgeous color)…not seeing any of those out of my window this morning! 🙂

  40. Jennifer Lacy says:

    Bonus: subscriber!

  41. My favorite picture is probably May – although they are all so beautiful!

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  43. I’m a subscriber!

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  45. I like Rebecca’s picture.

  46. I love November’s pic. The lighting is gorgeous.

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  48. I love the cover & May’s picture!

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