Freebie Friday: The White Glove Cleaning, Organizing, and Interior Design


Our spotlight today falls on The White Glove Cleaning, Organizing, and Interior Design. Owned by local mom Elizabeth Shukis, The White Glove is a full service firm that will meet all your household needs!  You can check out their website at to see photos, services and anything else you need to know!

The White Glove will offer one Mom Squad reader 2 associates, for 2 hours.  You can use your prize for house cleaning time, cleaning out/organizing a closet, interior design consultation, etc!

The White Glove offers:

  • spring cleans
  • regular cleans
  • one time cleans
  • Interior Design
  • Organizing

Check out their beautiful website at for all the info about The White Glove.  Click here for a photo gallery.  If you want to see why I need the White Glove, you can read my Real Life Cleaning Tips!

Here’s how you can win a 2-hour session form the White Glove:

  • Leave a comment here describing your messiest room, and what you would probably have The White Glove do for you.

Leave a separate comment if you:

  • Are a Mom Squad Subscriber
  • post this offer on your Facebook profile

Be sure to RSVP for the National Mom’s Nite out, so we can plan all the goodies!  You get an extra door prize ticket if you RSVP, so click here!

This contest will run throught Sunday night, May 3, and the winner will be announced by email and on our Winners Page..

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  1. My kitchen is where everything ends up these days and I need help getting and staying organized!!!!!

  2. subscriber

  3. Shana Scott says:

    My messiest room would be a tie between my bedroom and the livingroom! Somehow all the kids stuff has ended up in both rooms! I would use them to help clean and organize one room or the other!

  4. Shana Scott says:


  5. Shana Scott says:

    Posted on facebook!

  6. I am SO entering this contest. My bathrooms are beyond disgusting and my mother-in-law will be here in less than two weeks! Actually, my kitchen is a bit of a wreck too. And that’s only if you don’t look at how badly my living room needs to be dusted and vacuumed….

    This one, I would LOVE to win.

  7. I am ALSO a faithful subscriber.

  8. and I’m heading over to post this on my facebook profile….!

  9. Daphne says:

    Our bedroom/closet would be my choice – EVERYTHING comes to our room until it finds another home…thanks for offering these services!

  10. Shannon says:

    OH, Oh, Oh!! Me, me, me!! I would love to have some help organizing my messy workroom, which is where I store all my “stuff”….school and craft supplies, household files, old photos, and stacks and stacks of other “stuff”. But what I’d really like now is help choosing paint colors, etc. for our new house. I’d love to have some “interior design” advice!

  11. Shannon says:


  12. I would LOVE this!! Need help with a new home office.

  13. Michelle says:

    My entire house is so, so messy… I can’t open my eyes without seeing something that needs to be cleaned. Deep-cleaned. We have bought new mini-blinds because the old ones were so dirty. Our windows….well, they’re not living up to their appropriate function, which is to see through. The bathroom – only one – whenever it’s empty of people, it always needs cleaned. The bathroom never, never is completely clean. Enough, enough, I am about to shudder, and I am now feeling depressed. I try not to think about it. Let me leave this computer and stumble through the huge pile of clean (yay!) clothes on the living room floor (are they still clean?)…

  14. I love The White Glove! I need help all over – beginning with purging the closets. Then, maybe I could find a place for all of the other stuff lying around. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms – you name it.

  15. Subscriber

  16. I need help spring cleaning. We have not done it for several years and I easily get overwhelmed even doing one room.

  17. subscriber

  18. I need some help organizing my sewing area of my room!! Seriously! 😀

  19. I’m a subscriber!

  20. I really need this. With a husband and 3 kids running around, our house has clutter pockets. I think I keep up pretty well, but then again I find piles of papers, toys, clothes crammed in the closet, coolers stacked on the decks, art supplies everywhere….you moms know how it is. I would love to have someone do a walk through and not only help me make a list of trouble areas, but also help me organize a few for more efficiency. Of course I would never turn down help with cleaning either!

  21. I am a subscriber!

  22. Meredith says:

    To pick only one area is hard, how about the bathroom. All areas need a DEEP, DEEP SPRING cleaning!

  23. Meredith says:


  24. Meredith says:

    posted on facebook

  25. Christina says:

    My kitchen! I have a 10 month-old that loves taking everything out of all the drawers and cabinets! I would love to have someone clean my house!

  26. Christina says:


  27. I desperately need help with a good spring cleaning- bathrooms, dusting, hardwoods, vacuuming, windows, kitchen!! I’ve used White Glove before and the girls were AMAZING!!!!!!!

  28. i’m a loyal subscriber!

  29. and i’m posting this on facebook!

  30. Jennifer says:

    I need help organizing my work/junk room. It has everything in it, including craft projects and the kids out of season clothes!! I need some serious help!! Thanks for offering this!!

  31. Jennifer says:


  32. my kids’ playroom is by far the messiest right now. it’s full of baby and kid things that i no longer need. i’d love their help with cleaning up and cleaning out. seems every time i clean the kids just come along behind me…and you all know what that means. 🙂

  33. Kendra says:

    Let’s see….if I had to pick just one of my many messy areas, I would have to say, my bedroom. Between the treadmill, dressers, desk, etc., it turns into clutter central in the blink of an eye.

  34. Kendra says:


  35. I posted on facebook!

  36. Candis says:

    Sounds awesome! I need help with general clutter control and my floors need their spring cleaning!

  37. Candis says:


  38. Trish Hicks says:

    I am completely overwhelmed by the amount of useless stuff that I own. I’m trying to get organized for a massive yard sale, but it is so much that I don’t know where to start. If I win, I’ll use the help to get started. Please help me!

  39. Trish Hicks says:

    Posted on Facebook

  40. Trish Hicks says:


  41. My basement is always out of control. I keep trying to organize it, but my systems are not working! I would ask for help there. Two people helping for two hours. That sounds great!

  42. subscriber