Start the School Year Right With a Healthy Breakfast!

When I think of back to school shopping I immediately think- clothes, or more importantly, shoes. As a mom and dietitian, I start thinking of staples I need in the pantry and quick’n easy lunches and dinners!  Between PTO and soccer things get crazy in my house! (but not as crazy as my neighbor’s)dreamstime_8380411

However, the most important thing to consider on these crazy days is breakfast, your brain can’t quite turn on without it. Think protein/fat/carb- got to have it to get started.

  • A PB&J is a good choice,
  • breakfast burritos are fun and fast
  • Morningstar and Boca make some great morning soy sausages (30 seconds in the microwave)
  • If you are going to have cereal, shoot for less than 10grams of sugar per serving and plenty of fiber.
  • Add a little nut butter on some bread and a big piece of fruit
  • A goal of mine is to always start with something fresh, fruit, cut veggies always keep some washed fruit on the breakfast table and cut vegetables in the refrigerator to eat first.
  • Another fast breakfast I always have on hand is boiled eggs- fun to eat and a perfect protein/fat/carb food.

Your metabolism can’t get up to speed without breaking your fast from the night. Also moms, a trick that is good for your waistline is to eat only what your kids are eating…including snacks and tasting. I am always amazed when I do this and I also realize my worst snack times -nap, after bedtime.

Get a fresh start to the school year with healthy breakfast habits!  Do you have any great beakfast ideas to share in the comments?

Sarah Jackson is a Registered Dietitian with two kids, a well fed husband, and two dependent felines. She is home with her children at this time. In order to keep my credentials for her other occupation, she stays current with what is going on in the nutrition world as well. Her focus for the past six years has been- you guessed it: * child/mother nutrition current events * weight management * general family nutrition.


  1. Crockpot oatmeal, baked oatmeal or those breakfast casseroles you can assemble the night before. But, because crockpot oatmeal cooks overnight- waking up to hot breakfast is great.

  2. Leslie Cook says:

    Great article! But wait, I’m your neighbor! Will you come make breakfast for us to reduce the craziness here;-)?

  3. A good choice in the morning for my kids is breakfast pizza. Try making a traditional cheese pizza on a whole wheat English muffin, with tomato sauce and lowfat shredded OR sliced cheese. These are easy to assemble as a breakfast or snack and one of the only ways I can get my boys to eat anything whole wheat! They are easy to carry out the door and with a piece of fruit, you get 4 food groups. My mom used to make them for me because I didn’t like the traditional breakfast dishes. What kid wouldn’t enjoy pizza for breakfast? It’s like living the college years a few years early!

  4. Oh, those are great ideas! I still have never made Crockpot oatmeal, I totally need to do that! And you can add all kinds of healthy stuff in there, too!

    And Brandy, why do we have to have “breakfast” food for breakfast, right?

  5. I like to toast whole grain English Muffins and top with peanut butter and banana slices.