Healthy Foods on the Go

dreamstime_4481318Do you love convenience foods? One of my favorites is the “just add water” pancake mixes, except they leave so much to be desired in the healthy choice awards. The next time you pull out your pancake mix add milk instead of water- then let your imagination work for you. I like to add molasses (extra iron), cinnamon, sometimes coconut, wheat germ, whole wheat flour, raisins (any dried fruit)… the list could be endless. Double what you would normally make and use these little nutrition packed gems for sandwiches, snacks, freeze for a late morning and enjoy!

As evening activities are starting back up with soccer practices, karate class and late swim lessons, dreamstime_5078296Don’t forget your market basket packed with goodies that will make a great quick dinner. Pack it with cloth napkins, all of the to go forks, spoons…and possibly a blanket. Then always try to keep on hand a jar of peanut butter (I always keep Once Again Sunflower seed butter to keep it interesting), plenty of graham crackers or whole wheat crackers, dried fruits and nuts/seeds and any fresh fruit in the house. Then if you can plan ahead pack a jar of steamed broccoli or carrots (even just throw a bag of baby carrots in) when you leave in the morning. These things will keep all day without a cold pack and provide a punch without the rush of starving kids when you get home at bedtime.

Do you have any tips for healthy eating on the go?.


  1. Anna Lynch says:

    Great ideas, Sarah. It doesn’t take that long to make a sandwich or quesadilla in the morning and take it with you. I like to sneak veggies into my quesadillas.