Hot Coupon World: A Great Source for Saving Money

Please welcome Mom Squad Guest, Lindsey Thompson.  Lindsey is new to the area and has lots of couponing knowledge.  Since I haven’t used this site, I asked her to explain it to us.

If you who enjoy couponing,  you really need to check out ! It’s FREE and has a wealth of information for you to use. I found out that Harris Teeter was tripling coupons through this site a week before it was on High Country Mom Squad. (note from Sarah: “oooh, they scooped us!”)


Here are some highlights from the website that I use:

CVS Pricebook – The site has ads for CVS listed weeks before they come out so that you can clip coupons needed ahead of time and find out what items you can get free to roll your extra bucks each week. They also have Walgreens and Rite Aid deals under the drug store forum (see below)

Forums – I use Swingin Deals almost daily for a number of deals. The forum is broken down into drug stores, grocery stores, national chain stores, arts and crafts stores, office supply stores and hardware stores. When you go to grocery stores, for example, you can chose the grocery store you shop at and find out when they are tripling coupons, you can see the future weeks ads, others will comment on deals that they have seen in that store or how you can use your coupons to get FREE items or overages.

Coupon Discussion By Source There is also a coupon database if you are looking for a specific coupon or clipping sites to sell or print coupons.  This forum is split up different TYPES of coupons such as blinkies, booklet coupons, hangtags, home mailers, package coupons, magazine coupons, tearpads and peelies. It has a section for insert coupons so you can find out what coupons are coming out when in the weekly inserts so you can have a heads up if you want to get more than one paper that week. It also has a printable coupon area that you can pick from a list of printable coupons that have come out to add to your coupons for this week for triples.

I think this site is very helpful and so I thought I would share it with other moms as well!  What are your best couponing tips?