Hummus, Soup, and Veggie Burgers, Oh My!

dreamstime_1287577Do you love hummus? But hate to pay for it at the grocery. It is so easy to make and can be made with ANY bean. Puree any of your favorite bean and add plenty of olive oil, lemon juice, garlic powder and salt and it is a surprising treat. Bean dips are packed with a nutritious punch and can be used in place of mayonnaise and go great with any fruit or veggie. I like to rehydrate for example pintos and use some for burritos one night, hummus, soup another night, throw some in pasta another, spread cream cheese and pintos for roll ups (kid lunches) and by the end of the week you have had a big source of protein all week and no one is sick of BEANS.

I love to make BIG vegetable soups.. maybe it is the weather at times, but I always make way too much. Everyone is sick of eating it by the second night if I am lucky. That is when my submersible blender has become my friend (Christmas gift, dug out after hating to throw away food). Blend your leftover soup, add some whole wheat flour, ground flax seed (lots of fiber and omegas) and patty them into small burgers. I cook them on my griddle and usually make dozens of them. Give the kids a pile of ketchup and some burgers- and the reaction can be amazing. If you patty it and give ketchup they will eat it! I feel good about it too because I know there is not a ton of stuff that is hard to pronounce and the burgers taste great.

What aer some healthy options you like to make in your home?.


  1. I love Hummus! But I didn’t know it could be made with any beans. Thought you had to use chick peas! The veggie soup burgers are very interesting! I’ll have to try that!

  2. Melanie says:

    Agreed that those veggie soup burgers sound really interesting… wondering if my wonderful hubby would eat it??? Hmmmm…. maybe if I add some hot peppers to his. And never thought of doing hummus with anything other than chick peas. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  3. Melanie, put lots of ketchup and mustard and lettuce and tomatoes on the “burger” and he’ll never know. Hee hee!

  4. Candis says:

    Hummus with any bean? wow…

    and the veggie soup burgers… what a neat idea! What else could be used besides the flax seed? or is that just for a nutrition boost?

  5. i like to make hummus with a mix of chickpeas and black beans and also add in any leftover fresh spinach that needs to be eaten. yum!

  6. Sarah Jackson says:

    many times when I make these burgers we eat them as finger foods with a pile of ketchup… a big treat.
    For the flax seed in the burgers you can use anything that will bind the burger, sometimes I will use WW flour, or AP flour (any flour, cornstarch….) doesn’t take much! Don’t forget some extra spices and herbs!