January Weekend Events: Just Hangin’ Out…1/15-17

As we are coming out of the Deep Freeze  and into some thawing out, there aren’t many activities to speak of out there this weekend. Sure there are lots of things a person can think of to do…go Skiing for one, Sledding, etc, etc, But, out of the ordinary…not much going on. So this is a good weekend to Just Hang Out and catch up on some chores, or what ever your heart desires, but make sure to have some Family time as you create memories and above all…FUN for you and your family!

Also, make sure to check out Keri’s and her husband’s new website, www.timespasttoys.com for their Wooden Toy and Home Decor business, Heavenly Creations Decor, currently under construction, so please pardon their cyber dust. Even so, this will give you a look at some of the products they have to offer and who they are. They are constantly adding new inventory as well. Here is a current item being offered: A Beautiful Floral Arrangement…in warm hues of Gold, Sunny Yellows, Burgandy Reds, and Sage Greens. Looks great in any room and adds that unique touch to any decor. Available in Brass container. All Floral Arrangements can be customized to your preferences.

Keri and her husband look forward to hearing from you and you are more than welcome to give  helpful hints as to making the website better and more user friendly. They  will soon be including links for area businesses selling Times Past Toys and Heavenly Creations Decor products and such..