Let Me Serve You, and Give to the Hospitality House

Two-dozen High Country eateries serve up food, fun and charity for Celebrity Serve 2009. Come let me serve you at Glidewell’s in Blowing Rock!

The annual Boone Celebrity Serve, which raised more than $50,000 last year, will benefit the Hospitality House’s Giving Hope a Hand Combined Campaign for building and operating a new homeless shelter for the High Country. They are the onlcelebrity_serve-featurey such shelter in a seven-county area.

The Celebrity Serve will be Tuesday, April 7, starting at 5:30.

In these tough times, it’s more important than ever that we pull together and help those in need.  And you can do that while having a really fun night out!  Glidewell’s has a relaxed atmosphere, while serving up delicious, chef created dishes.  We had the Mom Squad 1 year Birthday Party there and had a terrific time!  Click here to see pictures of the party!

I am really nervous, because the only waitress experience I’ve had was for a few months in college at the Dan’l Boone Inn!  I hope I don’t spill a drink on someone!  Will you come keep me company?

If you RSVP here, I’ll bring something to help entertain your kids while you wait for your food!


  1. Maggie F says:

    Hey girl! We’re bringing a big group to harrass our Faithbridge friends (and you!)

  2. wish i could! best of luck to you. i’m sure you’ll have fun!