Linville Falls: easy hiking with kids

Blueberry picking was such a great foray into the great outdoors for the kids.  I’ve come to the conclusion that if I really want them to explore the wonder of nature,I have to take them far away from the comforts of home. (and the TV)

Last Saturday, we packed up the family (including our labrodoodle Nigel) and went out to Linville Falls.  We knew we had to start simple for the little ones, and Linville was the perfect place.  The girls loved walking along the wide, gently climbing paths, and we routinely heard exclamations such as, “Look!  A butterfly!” or “That tree is really green and fuzzy!”  There are several overlooks with majestic views, despite making me a little nervous that our two year-old would want to peer over a little too far.  Be sure you hold the kids’ hands when you’re admiring the view.

Now, we went on a Saturday, which in High Country language means “tourists.”  The trails were populated with people of all sorts.  This was actually part of the fun!  There was a huge church group, a family reunion, lots of children and parents, and even a young couple that broke out their umbrella when it started sprinkling.   Everyone along the trail was really friendly, despite many of them being clueless about the designer Labrodoodle breed (aka: fancy mutt).

We didn’t see much wildlife, because of the populous nature of the park, but we did say hello to a huge black snake hanging out on the rocks.  We saw great views from the top, but I suspect the most spectacular waterfall viewing is from the bottom.  According to, the trail to the bottom is a little more advanced.  You can read the review by Rich Stevenson, of, by clicking here.

By the end of the hike/walk, the kids were tired.  They kept asking how much longer, especially my five year old, Princess.  She didn’t really “get it” when I explained to her that exercise is a good kind of tired, and it will actually give you more energy.  “Moooooom, it’s not fun to be tired!”  It’ll grow on them, I just know it.

Immediately following the great time at Linville, we turned the wrong way, and ended up in an RV campground near Morganton, which can only be described as a lost episode of “My Name is Earl.”  But that’s a story for another day…

Do you like to go hiking with your family?  If so, where?.


  1. jennefer says:

    We went to the bottom of the falls about 2 weeks ago with our 5 yr old—it was not as hard as expected! And the trail was not so crowded.
    BTW My 12 yr old labradoodle (Augustine) always gets lots of attention! ;).

  2. My family loves to hike! We all love hiking at The Cascades on The Parkway. That one is easy for kids. We also love Hebron Colony Falls, but that one is not as easy for kids! But I have made it to the top of the rocks (barely) and to my suprise found small kids up there playing in the water!

  3. We also like Cascades but Green Knob Trail is also not too strenuous- but long. Take some snacks and they can make it the whole way. Finally, Mt. Jefferson offers GREAT views. It is high and steep but not hard. Just make sure you hold little ones hands on some of the path.
    Happy Hiking!