New Community Calendar Keeps You in the Know!

I wish I had a nickel for every time someone said to me, “I wish there was a central source to find out about events here in the High Country.”  Or even when they asked, “I want to spread the word about my event, what’s a great place I can publicize it?” NOW, I will have an answer to these question and more, when it comes to High Country Happenings!

A brand new Online Community Calendar for the High Country has just been launched, Todd’s Calendar (

todds screenshot

Todd’s Calandar can only work if YOU participate!  Anyone can sign up for a FREE account, and start adding events you’d like to promote!  Then, share Todd’s Calendar with your friends, workplace, church and family, so they know where to go to be in the know!  You can be part of the success by visiting Todd’s Calendar, helping to spread the word, and contributing to the content. From now on, the Mom Squad Calendar page will feature a couple of highlighted events, and a link to Todd’s Calandar, since it’s so easy!

Here are just some of the things you can do on Todd’s Calendar:todd's features copy

  • Discover what’s happening today, tonight, this weekend, next month and beyond.
  • Search for events by category and/or keywords.
  • Send yourself a reminder, get directions, or share events with a friend.
  • Post your own events that are open to the public (it’s FREE and simple to do).
  • Save money through weekly discounts at local restaurants and businesses.
  • Advertise your business or your event and help support local non-profits (via a portion of advertising revenue that is returned to the community each month).

New events are being added each day. Don’t miss another one. Visit, Where the High Country Goes to Know!

Here is an exciting contest for those who start using the Community Calendar: Each individual who “Posts An Event” on Todd’s Calendar during the month of December, for next week or next year, will be entered into a drawing to win $50 gift certificates at Stick Boy Bread Company and Green Mother Goods..


  1. very exciting!

  2. Sarah, Thank you for helping to get the word out via facebook!!!

  3. Awesome idea- just posted my first event to the calendar!