Portraits on the Parkway, with Jonathan Burton (GIVEAWAY!)

Jonathan Burton Photography is back again with another valuable giveaway, and their yearly charity event, Portraits on the Parkway. When he started Jonathan Burton Photography in 1992, Jonathan’s goal was to elevate his skills in photography and, in the process, create beautiful works of art.  By combining elegant, relaxed portraiture with spontaneous photojournalism, Jonathan truly captures “The Art of Life.”

Portraits on the Parkway is an annual event that is held on the grounds of Moses Cone Estate in Blowing Rock.  This year it will take place May 17th through the 20th, 2010 from 4:00-7:30 pm.

“Portraits on the Parkway” is specifically for school age children, ages 5-18 years old. Each session reservation is $75, plus tax and includes (1) 8×10, (2) 5×7’s and (8) Wallets.

Pre-registration is required and is available through the Jonathan Burton Photography website at www.settopop.com, under our “Events” section. We meet each family that has pre-registered at the Carriage house on the property at their specified time and photograph their child and/or siblings together. The Moses Cone Estate offers us many great backdrops for portraits including the Carriage house, the rose arbor, stone terracing, and the Moses Cone House front porch. This event gives families a great alternative to boring school portraits. A portion from every session is donated to the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

This is a wonderful opportunity to get your creation session AND prints, with world-renown photographer Jonathan Burton, at a terrific price!

Click here to see the available dates and register for your session, or call 828.266.9889 For more information.



Jonathan would also like to offer a complimentary Portraits on the Parkway Session to one Mom Squad reader, valued at $75!

Here is how to enter:

  • Visit Johnathan’s website at www.settopop.com, click on ‘Galleries’ and choose your favorite photo.
  • Leave a comment on this post, describing your favorite one.

Leave an extra comment for another chance to win if you:

This contest is open to anyone in the High Country Area or who is willing to travel here for a Portraits on the Parkway session.  Contest will run through Saturday, April 24, and a winner will be announced on our winners page, and by email.  You will have 72 hours to claim your prize before an alternate winner is chosen.

All photos are copyright of Jonathan Burton Photography..


  1. LOVE the one of Cade Keller with his ropes!!! ADORABLE, JONATHAN!!! What a great shot that shows Cade’s precious personality!!!

  2. There is a picture of a little girl in a white dress, picking flowers from a stone wall that is incredible. I love the depth of field that Jonathan Burton was able to capture. Well done.

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    I have to say because we are die hard ASU fans that the picture of the little boy all deck out in the ASU gear with the ball was adorable.

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  5. I love the one of Macky hanging on the board with the red overalls on…so cute.

  6. Amy Forrester says:

    there are SO many great ones! love the tutu girl, the little boy hanging on the bulletin board, and all of the boys acting like, well, boys in just their jeans. they are all so natural and well shot!

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  11. All the pictures are beautiful – I love the ones where the kids are blowing the flowers!

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  15. I love the App baby with the football.

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    I love the Black and white little house in the snow!!

  18. I love the picture of the Bailey cousins you have here on your post. He does such great work!

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    Wow! All the pictures are so beautiful! My favorite one is either the baby sleeping on the sofa, or the little girl reading to a little boy.

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    Love the photo of the dad and son in their cowboy hats.

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  29. They are all so wonderful!! I like the bulletin board one, the Keller girls, the Shellmans and the one with Whit by himself. They are all really good!!

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  31. All the pictures are AMAZING! Impossible to pick a favorite!

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    Loved the picture of the little cowboy with the lasso and the ASU baby. They are all wonderful!

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  38. I love the one of the little boy walking on the rock wall. But it’s so hard to choose one!!

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  43. I love his style in all of them! I esp like the way in which he poses and the lighting that he captures for the family ones.

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  47. I think all of the pics are just beautiful, but the ones that really touched me are the boys in just their jeans running and then them also playing Hide and Seek at the tree. How adorable! I would love to have pictures of my twins from Jonathan.

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    Too many wonderful shots to choose a favorite — beautiful wedding shots @ Biltmore tho’!

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  56. How can you choose just one? But one of my favorites is of the little boy on the rock wall!

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