Rainy Days in the High Country

Well, if you’ve been in the High Country very long, you realize the weather here can be indecisive if not downright fickle! There’s nothing more frustrating than planning a day at the pool or Tweetsie, only to have a thunder storm thwart your sun-filled efforts.  And according to the forecast, we may be stuck in the doldrums until at least Thursday!


While I know that the High Country needs help in the “indoor activities” department, there are several cool things to do, even with bad weather afoot:

Paint Your Wings!


No, not “wings wings,” but pottery!  Paint Your Wings is one of our sponsors, because it is such a friendly, creative place to go with the family!  Owner Heather Reaves runs the full-service paint-your-own pottery shop, where prices run from $6-$63!  That price includes everything you need, from paint, brushes, and art tools, to glazing and firing.  If you go on Tuesday/Thursday from 11-1, they will be able to give you some extra attention to help you create your masterpiece.  We have made lots of things at the store, including a handprint platter for the Grandparents, plates, bowls and mugs for the girls.  I even made a travel coffee cup with a lid.  If you’ve never been there, you can visit www.paintyourwings.com for all the information.



How can we not have as a sponsor, the only restaurant with a kids’ play area!?  On any rainy day (or snowy for thatmatter) you will no doubt run into lots of other moms taking their kids to runn off some energy.  Plus, they are offering free samples of the new Peach Milkshake every weekday from 11-1!

We can’t have EVERY great family destination as a sponsor (although we’d like to someday), so here are some other ideas for a rainy day:

The Children’s Playhouse: $5 per person, or you can get a membership

Appalachain Regional Library:  With locations in Ashe, Wilkes and Watauga, there is always a FREE family activity going on.

Bald Guy Brew: Did you ever hear of a coffee shop with a kids’ room? Well, here it is!  Go over and get a cup of the best coffee ever for just $1, if you bring your own cup.

And you could always go over to the Boone Mall, and look longingly at the open spaces, which would make perfect spots for a soft play area!

So what do you do when you want to get out of the house on a rainy day?.


  1. Stop in at The Pet Place at Shoppes at Shadowline to visit with various exotic birds and animals.

    Get into the rain! Provided there are no downpours or lightning, get on your rain gear, and stake out at the picnic shelter at Valle Crucis Park. Bring your camera and binoculars so you can watch for frogs and other pond wildlife enjoying all that rain. Bring paper, pencils or crayons to draw and color pictures that document what you find. Other stake out options are the gazebo at Broyhill Lake in Blowing Rock, and picnic shelter at Wildcat Lake in Banner Elk. All are within a short walk back to the car if skies turn ominous.

    Indoor swimming pool time at the Broyhill Wellness Center on Boone Heights Dr. There are family swim times every afternoon. http://tinyurl.com/ldavrc

    Linville Caverns is eye-opening fun, and is affordable: children under 5 are free. http://tinyurl.com/laq2z5

    Catawba Science Center is a great day trip to Hickory, offering hands-on science activities, a chance to pet the stingrays and watch hermit crabs, and catch a show at the planetarium. http://www.catawbascience.org/ And, it’s all next to the Hickory Museum of Art, so check that out too. http://www.hickorymuseumofart.org/home.php.

  2. Jennifer L. says:

    We just go outside and play in the rain…well, as long as it’s not storming! 🙂 Nothing like a wet sand box or dirt pile!

  3. Don’t forget the swim complex! While we prefer to be outside at the Blowing Rock pool, if you promise the pool and it rains with no thunder and lightning, the indoor swim complex is always an option!

  4. Those are great ideas!