Mom Squad Review: Honda Pilot

When my brother came to visit for Little Pea’s birthday, he brought a new addition to his family! No, they didn’t have another baby…yet! They brought their new 2009 Honda Pilot.  I looked at their new car, and I have to admit a twinge of envy!  It is awesome!

So the next week, I paid a visit to John at High Country Honda to see if they would like to sponsor the High Country Mom Squad. I try to seek out high quality products that I know moms and families will love, and this is one of them.

You can seriously fit 5 CARSEATS and three adults in the Honda Pilot! Is it an empty promise?  NO, we actually did it one day!  I gathered up some friends from High Country Mommies, and we fit them in! While test driving after church one day, we swung by and picked up a couple of friends to take them out for lunch.  You’d think you could do that with a minivan, but not mine!  After fitting my three kids in (only two carseats fit in back) we can only take ONE extra person.  We fit Dan and Sullivan, and still had room for one more!

And then if it’s just my kids, I can put them all back in the third row seats!  Mwah ha ha!

Even with the third row of seats up, there is still plenty of room in the back for stuff! However, you can fold them down for even more space.  But look at this net that stretches across!  You can actually fit two rows of groceries, sports equipment, etc.

And look at all the storage space.  Every nook and cranny is utilized.

Now, I am not the expert on technical specs and cylinders and all that!  But I know that this car was a smooth ride!  The turning radius is so small, it’s easy to maneuver in and out of parking lots.  My husband drove it and was very impressed!

The bottom line?  If you are looking for a cool-looking, well-designed, dependable car that is NOT a minivan, you should seriously look at the Honda Pilot. It will hopefully be our next family car.

If you want to stay with the minivan, my best friend from college has a 2008 Honda Oddessy Minivan, and totally love it!  The best thing about the Oddessy is that the side windows roll down.  Oh, to have that feature!

And that is why the Honda Pilot is the official vehicle of the High Country Mom Squad!  Go see the guys and gals at Honda and tell them the Mom Squad sent you!