Roberta’s Book Nook: The Little Boy’s Christmas Gift

Title: The Little Boy’s Christmas Gift
Author: John Speirs
Illustrator: same
ISBN: 0-8109-4399-9

$ 6.99 at Black Bear Books (Hardback)
* $13 + shipping on Amazon!

Summary: A humble boy follows three wise men (kings) on their journey to present gifts to the newborn Christ child, and he presents Him with the gift of a small tree.

Why I recommend this book: The cover illustration first caught my eye on the shelf, and the predictable structure of the story reeled me in! Books with vivid color, and a simple, yet touching story are always good choices for children. This book offered even more with its hint of suspension as the group travels toward the Christ child. This version of the events of the 3 wisemen could become a family favorite in your home! The Little Boy’s Christmas Gift would be excellent to read the night of Christmas at bed time, and in the days following the 25th of December.

Suggested Age/Reading level: Read Aloud age 12 months+, Independent Reading age 8+, Partner/Supported Reading age 7+


* Tend
* Exceedingly
* Haste
* Caskets
* Laden
* Nomads
* Trudging
* Plain*
* Caravan
* Bear*
* Fertile
* Dates*
* Hives*
* Fork*
* Brilliant*
* Knelt
* Fleece
* awe

*These words indicate homophones that can be studies with their counterparts that have the same spelling, but differing meanings!

During Reading Activities:

1. Finger point read each word for younger/early readers, or readers who struggle with concept of word.
2. Cover the lower portion of each text page with a piece of blank construction paper. Place the top edge directly underneath the sentence you are reading. Move the paper down as you make progress down the page. This helps all readers keep their place, and prevents them from being overwhelmed with the amount of text on a page!
3. Ask comprehension questions.
4. Point to words that are high frequency in children’s literature, and ask your reader to tell you the word.
5. In this book, several sentences and phrases are repeated throughout. Have your child discover this throughout the book. Do not let your child skim read these sections from memory. This is a good place to determine whether or not they know these words or are just telling you the story from memory of previous pages.

Post Reading Activities:

1. discuss the predictions for accuracy.
2. Discuss, analyze each illustration. Can you find the boy?
3. Discuss/tell the story of your birthplace and your child’s birthplace. Talk with your child about who came to see him/her. Discuss who brought gifts!
4. Discuss Christmas, the holiday traditions, and where they came from.
5. Discuss “The greatest gift of all.”

Topics For Further Study:

* Nomadic Peoples around the world.
* Camels
* Stars
* The childhood Years of Christ
* Beekeeping
* Frankincense, Myrhh

Roberta is a wife of 8 years and mother of 3 boys, ages 19, 14 and 5 months. She holds a BS degree from ASU in Elementary Education, with a concentration in Biology, and a MA from ASU in Elementary Education with a concentration in Reading. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Middle Childhood. Roberta taught school at GreenValley, and Valle Crucis, locally, and has been a resident of Watauga County since 1992. Currently, she is the Office Manger for Edmisten Heating & Cooling, Inc., and has her own scrapbooking business, Roberta the Scrap Girl. She serves on the leadership team with the Blue Ridge MOPS, and attends Alliance Bible Fellowship. She loves literature, and has a special interest in children’s literature of all genres.