Snow Pictures!!

Oh!  You thought I’d post some snow pictures, by the title didn’t you?  And you would just have to sit by and look at them!  Oh, no, I’m not letting you off that easy!

Actually, I didn’t get any pictures today, as I was safely ensconced in my house getting lots of work done!  But I know YOU did!  So send them to me, and I’ll post them here!

We have several great photographers/bloggers around here, so you can post links to those, as well!  Here are a few I saw today!

Beech Mountain News: The Sledding Hill is Open

Beech Mountain News:  Pre-Thanksgiving Snow

Blue Ridge Blog: A Valle Crucis Snow

Eric Heistand Photography: Great snow picture!

Hey, we need some more photos! Debbie Canady’s photos are hogging the show! (wink)

Terms:  By sending in your pictures, you agree to allow me to publish them to the High Country Mom Squad website via Photobucket, however you retain all rights to the original.