Studio K Dance Workshop, Gearing Up For Fall Classes

Growing up, I was at the dance studio just about as much as I was home… or more.  Dance was such a formative part of my childhood, shaping me as a person, and building poise and self-confidence. When, at three and a half,  my oldest daughter took a week-long dance “camp,”  I figured she would have fun, and we’d sign her up for regular classes in a few years.  Well, every day after that week, she would ask me, “Is it dance day today?”  She would not stop asking, even after we told her dance was over!  So, we decided that if she loved it that much, we’d go ahead and sign her up for the real deal.

If you watch the video of that first dance class, you’ll see HipChick, as I call her, dancing off to the side, away from all the other kids.  She hadn’t even danced for the first two days, because she was so shy.  The funny thing was, she looked forward to going back, even though she didn’t participate.  Catharine  assured me it was OK, keep bringing her back.  I believe dance class, and performances, helped that terribly shy little girl come out of her shell. She absolutely loves being on stage, and she carries herself well in front of others.  Last year, HipChick performed in the Shooting Stars talent showcase, and despite being a little scared, her dance experience on that stage helped her tremendously to sing her heart out!

Now, all three of my girls are ballerina princesses! Little Pea is beside herself after trying to sneak in to her sisters’ classes and stand in line without us noticing!

Classes started back last week, but there is definitely a place for your child. Cay Harkins, studio owner and her other instructors (including her own daughters, Catharine and Lindsay)  love teaching all kinds of kids, ages 2-1/2 and up… and up and up!  There are boys, men, girls, women, and kids with special needs.  I’m even taking a tap and (shhh… hip-hop)  class.  It felt so good to be dancing again after 12 years!

So if you’ve been thinking about signing up for classes, now’s the time!

Call Studio K at (828) 265-4111, and tell her the Mom Squad sent you! It is located at 289 Daniel Boone Drive, near New Market Center In Boone.

Disclosure: Studio K is a Mom Squad Sponsor.


  1. I’m also a big Studio Kay fan- my 11 year old daughter and my 9 year old son go there. My 2 year old twins will start and I’m in the adult tap class! It’s a blast. And I know she’s especially looking for a few more 2 1/2 year olds for the Tuesday 2 year old class……

  2. Yup! Tiffany and I are tapping up a storm!

    There’s nothing cuter than a 2 year old in a tutu!