Tasty Tuesday: Healthy Breakfast Shakes

I know I’ve written about fruit smoothies before, but I really want to revisit the topic of healthy breakfast shakes. This summer, one of our family goals is to re-establish healthier eating habits. Since every day starts with breakfast, we started there.


I estimate that we make breakfast shakes 5-6 days out of the week at this point and I think that all of us have found that we have increased energy throughout the day. For some of us, a breakfast of healthy shakes means we actually GET breakfast and for some of us, it means we get healthier food to start the day.

flax-seed We start with flax seed. I buy this at Earth Fare or Ingles, whoever has a better price. I usually put 1/4 cup of flax seed into the blender first and whirl it around. After it’s started to break down, I add about 1/4 c. of nonfat milk and run the blender a little longer. If I don’t break the flax seed up a little, it just goes through the digestive system pretty much unscathed.

Then I add about a cup of plain yogurt and leave the blender running while I add everything else. I usually put in about a cup of fresh fruit and 1 1/2 cups of frozen fruit. I use whatever fruit I have in the house: peaches, grapes, bananas, berries, melon, etc.


I really like using frozen bananas because they give the shaky a really creamy texture. I also like using frozen berries. I prefer not to use frozen melon because it ends up being so icy. Sometimes we freeze peeled sections of oranges and those work really well too.

A good blender will grind up the frozen fruit pieces into a nice, smooth milk-shaky texture. I add about 3/4 c. nonfat milk to make the shake drinkable rather than spoonable.


Some extras that we occasionally add. Sometimes I put in 2 T. of Trader Joe’s Very Green Powder or its equivalent. Sometimes I add cinnamon. Turmeric adds a deep yellow tint and a different flavor. Turmeric is incredibly healthy and the flavor can actually work in a fruit shake. Fresh ginger is also a healthy addition that sometimes tastes good. I don’t always enjoy that flavor, so that’s just an occasional addition. Once in awhile I’ll toss in a carrot and make sure it’s ground very smooth.

I also sometimes add texture by stirring in 1/2 c. finely chopped nuts. One of my sons stirs in a little bit of granola to give the shake some extra texture.

The proportions above make two VERY large shakes or three large shakes. It’s surprising to us how filling fruit and yogurt can be!


We HAVE tried making this shakes with fruit juice instead of milk. Because we don’t have issues with using dairy, we prefer the yogurt and milk, but the fruit juice definitely works.

We’ve really grown to like starting a warm summer day with a cool fruit shake, and, as I mentioned before, we have all felt better for it.


Have a great day!

Barb Kelley