Tasty Tuesday: Week 2 of the Christmas season


I sure hope you’re having a healthier week than we are at our house. I’ve had to be very intentional about what I choose to do all week because of sick kids. Most of my Christmas projects have been in my kitchen, so it’s been working out so far.

Just like last week, I’m going to share a different Christmas food idea each day. This week, I’m focusing on getting some extra goodies stashed in the freezer. Things start getting busy on Thursday of this week and pretty much stay crazy all the way through Christmas. Thus, preparing ahead of time is going to be a real boon.

December 8:

The temps are low, the house is chilly, and this is a perfect day for baking quick breads. I’m going to start with my old standby, Banana Bread and also make a few batches of Perfect Pumpkin Bread. We’ll eat a lot of pumpkin bread, but it’s also nice to give as gifts.

December 9:

This is a recipe to tuck in your mental back pocket for when an unexpected hospitality emergency arises. At least once during this Christmas season, you’ll find yourself in the position of wanting to offer someone a Little Something. This is the fastest cookie on the planet and it IS such a treat: Cookie Brittle!

December 10:

I have to direct you to 3 posts on My Sister’s Kitchen for today’s Christmas treat. These recipes are for Pfeffernusse (German for Peppernut) cookies. Pfeffernusse are tiny, crunchy little cookies that you can eat by the handful. They’re also great to put out on the table during a party. I have a dear friend who always sends me an assortment of Pfeffernusse.

So skip on over to My Sister’s Kitchen and check out Peppernuts, Raisin Pfeffernusse, and my personal favorite–Gumdrop Pfeffernusse.

December 11:

Today is the day for Apricot Brandy Pound Cake. This is not a diet food. It will make you fat. It will also make you swoon with delight. Everything has a tradeoff and this makes a GREAT gift too!

December 12:

Today is the day that I’ll sit down and figure out what kind of Christmas dinner we’re going to have this year and who we’d like to share it with. Thanksgiving tends to be our traditional dinner. Christmas can be anywhere on the map. Some years, we’ve had calzones, some years we’ve had fabulous brunches that include everything from shrimp to cinnamon rolls, some years we’ve had fabulous beef tenderloin, and some years we have a veritable fiesta of Mexican food.

This year we’re leaning toward the Mexican food theme. We’re still discussing who we might be able to persuade to join us for this food extravaganza. Once I’ve figured out WHAT food we’re going to have, I’ll spend the next few days assembling the menu and the recipes for everything. I’ll also be watching sales between now and Christmas for the right items. If I were grilling any really nice cut of meat, I’d also plan to put my order in with our local butcher so I am sure to get exactly what I want. The two main ingredients of Christmas dinner never change: good food and family!

December 13:

As I wandered down the cereal aisle at the grocery store, I realized that it’s time to make Chex Party Mix®. I know that you can buy pre-made Chex Mix now in the snack aisle, but nothing says holiday cheer to me like homemade Chex Mix.

Don’t forget the newer take on Chex Mix: Chex Muddy Buddies. Both of these mixes are great for parties and also make nice gifts.

December 14:

Are you really brave? or maybe just really want a yummy treat? Try making homemade eggnog. (The bravery comes in because of the raw eggs; you can use pasteurized eggs to offset that risk.)

Be sure to check back each day for new ideas, recipes, and links for all foods, Christmas!

Don’t forget that My Sister’s Kitchen is delving deep into the cookie kingdom with a cookie recipe every day of the month of December. Stop by and pick up some ideas! We’ve got the hot cider simmering and the Kitchen smells like yummy!

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  1. I love that Cookie Brittle idea! YUM!