The Wellness Center/Birthday Party Options

birthday party,Grandma's,friends 056 We have an excellent resource right at our fingertips that I don’t think a lot of families are aware of. Usually around Fall and Winter I start thinking of creative ideas for birthday parties for our kids that have birthdays in this season.This year I didn’t have to panic because I absolutely love having birthday parties at The Wellness Center in Boone. We have had such a great experience every time we have done birthday parties there. I have a feeling that few people realize that you can do birthday parties there.

Yes, You can have your birthday party event at The Wellness Center and you don’t need to have all of the mess at your house!! I am a huge fan for this reason alone but I do have some more positive reasons as well. I will name some of them for you.

1.You only pay a small fee  $50.00 for members/60.00 for non members. This allows you to have 15 little swimmers and if you want to invite more its $2.00 extra per child. I think that this is the best deal in town.

2.You get to use the big conference room upstairs(equipped with Refrigerator microwave etc.) to have your cake and refreshments. We usually let the birthday queen or king  open presents in this room as well! My preference is to do this before swimming so that we don’t have wet cold kids.

3.You also get to have the nice warm Therapy pool for the kids to swim  and play in. They usually provide a lifeguard to help out at the pool! Which makes it so much easier for my peace of mind! I like the Therapy pool better than the Olympic size pool because its smaller and more manageable . Plus the water is warmer than the bigger pool. Also, you have the bubble option like a huge  jacuzzi to use too. The kids love having the bubbles on!

4. The bathrooms are close  and you have access to the showers!

5. My peace of mind. This is the last reason I am giving but it could possibly be the most important. I don’t find myself so physically and emotionally exhausted when we do birthday parties here because it is so easy to manage.

There are other great options around town for families to have birthday parties at but I haven’t found anywhere as reasonably priced or as willing to work with you as The Wellness Center. Here are some other options.

The Dragonfly

Skate world

Ice Skating  (Appalachian Ski Area)

The Bowling Alley

Chetola Resort

Paint Your Wings

Chic Fillet

The Childrens Play House

Regal Cinema (If there is a good Childrens movie playing at the time of your event)

The Swim Complex

I would also love to hear your feedback on some other great ideas. If you have kids that have birthdays in the winter months it is very helpful to know  what peoples experience is so that you can be well informed before planning your event. So, please share your ideas and experiences with us. We want to know about them..


  1. The story of my life for the next 16 years or so is WHERE to have a party in Boone during the winter 😉 Both my kiddos are winter babies! I think this year we are going to rent the Optimist Clubhouse from Park and Rec. Reasonable pricing. You can also rent the Old Cove Creek Gym out in Sugar Grove.

  2. Awesome! Thanks! We’ve done the Parks and Rec pool but this looks like a much more manageable (and affordable) option especially since you have a dry space for good and gifts.

  3. ooops- that would be FOOD and gifts!

  4. Niki, Thanks for the extra info.Where is the Optimist Clubhouse and is it expensive?