This is my “Now”

I have been doing a lot of thinking lately about trying to live in the moment and enjoy my life as it is right now. I have to admit sometimes this is quite difficult for me especially with the current situation and volatility of our economy. I am reminded so often that I need to embrace and enjoy this moment. I don’t want to live in the past or always jump to the future but to enjoy this moment. That being said the practicality is  much more difficult than one would think. We have been created with such a zest for life and a desire to improve situations that we are in. Sometimes those situations are beyond our control and it can be so hard to let them go and just relax. To let the people who do have the authority and control do what needs to be done. Sometimes, we need to be still and know that where we are at in this time may be part of a bigger plan even though it doesn’t feel like it. That is not to say that we should not do our part in helping others and generally doing good and making a difference.

We have been programmed as Americans to ” Live the Dream”. We all want that white picket fence and at times  have this unrealistic belief that everything should be perfect. When things are not as perfect as we had hoped they would be at this stage in life it can drive us crazy and we can tend to become very negative , unhappy, and lonely.

Now I want you to know that I definitely believe in dreaming big! I believe that we should have the proper balance of dreaming but still know what our reality is as well. I  think in the past I have been to caught up in dreaming the dream that I haven’t really wanted to face the reality and joy of what today may hold. We have all heard from grown ups to really enjoy our kids because they grow up so fast. If I continuously am trying to jump to the future , I will miss out in the joy that my one year old is giving to me today. His precious little giggle, his first steps, or his little voice when he says “Momma” or “uh oh”.  I really want to fully take all this in so that I will not look back with regrets.

I have often wondered why life was designed in such a way that at the same time as we are all trying to make a living and have the stress of paying our bills and bettering our kids future; we are in the process of raising our kids as well. Why couldn’t we become very successful and have the financial strain of everyday life behind us first before we are training our little children. How can I in the midst of all this have the time and energy to focus properly on my  kids?

The conclusion that I have come to is this. In this moment in time we are molding their little lives so that they can see first hand how we can juggle all of this and still keep the  proper perspective of what really is important. They are watching and learning from us. The way we respond to the current issues here in America and our government will mold who we become. Hopefully, our kids will follow in our footsteps. That is one of the keys in how we can change our world. Realizing this has helped me gain such perspective and hope that I am indeed doing something to make a difference.

The days that we are living in now are unprecedented. We are watching history be molded right in front of our lives. I feel like we are living and breathing History right now. These are the kind of times that years down the road we will share what we have learned  with our children and our grandchildren. We will look back and realize that this is the time when we really learned a lot of our core life lessons and values. I believe that when we look back to these times we will realize that this is probably the time when we have grown the most in our life span. You know, even kids go through growth spurts and sometimes they are painful. I believe if we can take an honest look at the reality of our life , than we can deal and process the disappointments and move forward more efficiently. I for one, want to learn all these  lessons properly so that  we can move forward with a steady progression.

In 2007 Jordan Sparks sang a song on American idol called ” This is my now”. It gave a powerful message about enjoying the moment. When she first performed this live , she did not know that she would go on to be the 2007 American Idol.  She gave a powerful performance that night and I will never forget it. I think there is a very clear message that we can derive from the words and emotion in this performance. This is our “Now”. We were born to be alive in this season for this time. That in itself gives me hope!    Money and things come and go but we can never retrieve time. Lets grasp each moment and enjoy our lives as they are today. Yes, we can still have the hope for better tomorrows but lets take this moment and cherish it just as it is.