Three Components for Eating Healthy with Kids

Last week, on my MomTV Show, Get Real, we talked all about eating healthy with kids.

My main three goals with my kids’ eating are:

  1. Have fresh, healthy choices available at all times for quick snacking.
  2. Get sneaky, and try to get the most nutrition you can into your every day meals.
  3. MAKE IT FUN, so your kids will actually want to eat what’s good for them!

The show is posted below. It is an hour long, so I’m posting some bullet points from the show. The audience gave some awesome suggestions, too!  What you can’t see is all the awesome chatter going on in the chatroom below the live show, so you have to make sure you can get there!

WARNING: the beginning of the show is extremely wacky! Put your sense of humor on before you watch!

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  • I always have a fruit bowl out on the counter with fresh fruits, for when the kids ask for processed food/sweets.
  • Cut up veggies and place in snack baggies to keep in the fridge. If the you and the kids can grab-n-go, they’re more likely to choose them! That suggestion was given by Karrie at and
  • Monica, from Mommy Brain Life suggests making an alternative to soda with Sparkling Water and a freshly squeezed lemon/lime/orange. It makes it more desirable if the kids can squeeze the fruit themselves!
  • Having your own garden empowers the kids to eat what they’ve grown and shows them where “real food” comes from. When they can “shop” in their yard (or patio containers), they’ll eat things they might not have otherwise.


  • Books like The Sneaky Chef and Deceptively Delicious are great resources to teach you how to get extra nutrients in.
  • @LeslieDoughty suggested substituting yogurt for butter in baked goods, and substituting honey for white sugar. We eat honey on pancakes, buscuits, peanut butter sandwiches, etc.
  • Karrie also suggested adding grated zucchini to meat dishes such as meatloaf and hamburgers. It holds moisture, adds nutrients, and you really can’t tell it’s there! I added grated zucchini to my spaghetti meat sauce during the show yesterday- YUMMY!
  • Pasta Barilla is a good alternative to regular pasta, since it uses legume flour, has lots of fiber, 17 grams of protein, and tastes just like regular pasta!


  • Let the kids play with their food! We made bugs with crackers, peanut butter, pretzels, and raisins with Little Pea during the show!
  • Food Coloring Pens are really fun for the kids to “decorate” their food before they chow down!
  • Use special dishes! Visit Paint Your Wings store and let the kids make unique creations. The right dish can make all the difference!

What are your suggestions for getting the kids to make healthy choices?

Disclosure: NONE of the food brands mentioned in this post/video are sponsors in any way. It’s just my little ol’ opinion! Paint Your Wings is a Mom Squad sponsor..


  1. ..and then in the “Chickin'” post you write that there are healthy choices.. and fun to be had? What about fun in the kitchen, and a healthier set of life skills rather than, “let’s go get fast food!”

  2. All in moderation, my friend! We can eat healthy at home and occasionally go out to a fast food restaurant, especially with choices like fruit, milk and great salads. I’m also not opposed to a good fried chicken sandwich every now and then. All in moderation…