Triple Coupons Start Today at Haris Teeter!

Starting today, August 12, 2009, Harris Teeter will offer triple coupons for a week!  They have been doing this regularly lately, and I for one am very thankful!


So gather up your coupons, and I’ll see you there!  Remember that they only triple 20 coupons per customer per day, up to $0.99. You can go to to see the weekly specials and match them up with your coupons!

Side Note:  I just made my shopping list online from the Weekly Specials, and emailed it to myself, so now I can shop with my blackberry instead of a cumbersome paper list that I will lose!  Kinda cool for this tech-geek mom!

I’m checking out Cellfire e-coupons now, and I’ll let you know what I think of it!.


  1. I was there yesterday (Friday) and they had put ground beef on sale for 99 cents a pound! On Thursday, I bought $80 worth of stuff for $14 and yesterday, I got $70 for $20- hurry for triple coupons!