Wee Cycle Consignment Sale Kicks Off July 16

It’s back!  The popular WeeCycle Children’s Consignment Sale, held at 1100 East King Street (Near New Market Center in the old Mitsubishi/Hyundai Bldg.) will run Thursday, July, 16th – Saturday, July 25th, 2009. Store Hours are 10am – 7pm (closed Sunday)

WeeCycle typically features Children’s Clothing sizes NB-12, Shoes, Toys, Furniture, Baby Items, Blankets, Books, CD/DVDs, Dance clothes/shoes, and more!


Here are some Tips For Shoppers, published on the WeeCycle Website

  • Arrive early to get in line for those great buys and unexpected finds! “The early bird catches the worm”. The good stuff goes fast–trust me!
  • Bring a laundry basket (attach a belt or rope to pull it behind you). It is so much easier to look through the racks when you are not holding an armful of clothing. Sorry, no strollers or wagons to be used as shopping carts, children in strollers are welcome.
  • Bring cash. Wee-Cycle only accepts cash payment. When adding up your costs remember that we are required by NC state law to charge 6.75% sales tax.
  • Make a list. Or make two lists, one with needs and one wish list!
  • Know your children’s sizes. Check rack for one size up and one size down from your child’s current size, different brands can vary in size. Measure their shoes or draw a foot print on poster paper or cardboard that you can slip right into the shoe you are considering.
  • Don’t be in a rush. Take your time and see what Wee-Cycle has to offer in all areas of the store for great finds.
  • There are many gender neutral items so check areas of both genders.
  • Sign our Guest Book to be on the mailing list for future sales.
  • Bring your own bags. Help with reducing plastic in our landfills by bringing recycled bags for carrying your items home. Wee-Cycle has bags (made of recycled material) if you don’t bring any.
  • Think Green – The items you purchase are both budget friendly and you are making echo conscious decisions for your family.

Be sure to visit the website for all the information about the sale, and subscribe to email updates from WeeCycle!.


  1. The Other Emily says:

    I volunteered this week to help sort all the cute clothes and there is so much in all sizes! And the baby gear and the toys and the maternity clothes and the shoes and the holiday clothes… You won’t want to miss this sale!