10 Reasons I Go to the Wellness Center

When I put my Wellness Center membership on hold last spring, I had grand visions of bringing the kids to the park everyday, to play in the playground, while I walked, ran, or worked out on the track. I wouldn’t need my membership if I could spend time outdoors. It worked well for a few weeks. Until the kids started “needing” me every 2 minutes, Little Pea got tired of the stroller, but was too small for the playground equipment, and our schedule got busier and busier during our “unscheduled” summer.

A few months ago, I finally made it back into a routine, and besides being behind on the housework, I couldn’t be happier. Here are the top reasons why I love going to the Wellness Center.

10. I need a little extra serotonin boost. The only two natural ways I know to do this is with exercise and chocolate. Hmmm, which one will be most advantageous to my waistline?

9. The vast diversity of ages there. The Wellness Center has a cardiac rehab and physical therapy program, so there are always older, as well as younger people using the facility. My favorite person to see there is on older Italian gentlemen, who used to own a restaurant here. The restaurant was a college hangout of mine, and I have good memories of friends, food and music. He used to come out and sing “That’s Amore,” and dance with the patrons. Besides reminding me of my grandfather, he asks me the same question every day. I can’t figure out if he forgets, or he doesn’t know what else to say.

8. There are no primped-out gyms-snobs at this particular gym. (not many, anyway) I love that. I couldn’t be forced to watch “workout Barbie” bouncing away on the stair machine in front of me every day, while trying to get rid of my thirty-something baby-belly.

7. We have a pool! Although I’ve rarely used it so far, I have dreams of donning my sport suit and goggles, and taking the lanes like I did as a teen. They also have family swim a few times a week. The kids loved it when we took them a couple of weeks ago.

6. At the front desk is Betty, a wonderful lady, who always smiles and greets me by name. There is nothing nicer than receiving a cheerful hello if I am somewhat less motivated for the work-out portion of my trip.

5. Meeting other moms for mutual encouragement and grown-up conversations. I think every Stay/Work-at-Home mom should be able to go to the gym. It’s an excuse to see your friends without feeling like you’re shirking responsibility. “I spent 2 hours exercising at the gym” sounds much better than, “I met Kathy at the mall for 2 hours.”

4. An excuse to drop my kids off at school looking like a slob. “Oh, off to the gym!” means, “Hey, I have an excuse to look like this!”

3. I actually have energy for the rest of the day. Working in the afternoons and evenings means I often run out of energy before the real day starts. This effect is helped by work-outs and coffee, I’m not sure which helps more.

2. Two hours of childcare included! Who needs preschool? I love my two-year-old, but some days I really need a break. Especially on days like today, when she spends a 1/2 hour crying uncontrollably, refusing to let me change her diaper and clothes, thus making the other kids late for school! Honestly, some days if I just walk around the track for a few minutes and stretch, it’s worth it.

1. The showers! Oh, the water pressure, the heat, I just can’t say enough! The pressure is slightly lower than a fire-hose, and it gets as hot as you can stand it. It’s just like a massage, and if you doubt the fact that I need a massage, see number 2! In addition to the heavenly shower, I can get ready without a toddler under my feet. I have, on occasion, considered going to the gym for the sole purpose of showering… don’t worry, I haven’t gone that far, though… yet.

So what gets you motivated to exercise?

For more information, visit the Wellness Center website here.