5 Reasons to Try and Have a Natural Birth

Do you need a reason to try and have a natural birth after all you’ve heard about the birth experience?  If so, here are 5 reasons to try and have a natural birth. I know, I know natural birth isn’t for everyone.  And, I don’t believe that any mom should ever feel guilty nor should she beat herself up for what happens during birth.  I’m am 150% for supporting a mother’s birth choices if she wishes to have a medicated birth.  I know many a mom who were completely pleased with her medicated births and I believe that if that is the choice a mother makes I want to support her in that.  With all that being said I am 200% for moms being educated on both the risks as well as the benefits that come with any procedure in the labor room or in the rest of the hospital for that matter.  If mom knows all her risks and benefits and makes an educated decision in her birthing room then I am completely on board.  Much of the reason that I desired to become a childbirth doula was to help moms be educated in each of their decision during childbirth so that they have no regrets when they walk from the hospital to the car with their precious new little one in their arms.  There are lots of moms who will choose to use a doula even if they have their heart set on a having a medicated birth.  Even though I am a little biased, being a childbirth doula myself, I don’t think it is a bad idea to have that support for whatever method you choose to have your baby.

For moms that are on the fence about what kind of birth they want and are still exploring their options I wanted to share some of the benefits of having a natural birth so that they can make the decision that is best for them.  So, once you’ve read this  go ahead and make a comment at the bottom and let me know what you think.  If you are interested in sharing your birth story I would love to hear it.  I’m in the process of collecting birth stories both medicated and non-medicated to share on my blog.  If you are interested in sharing hop on over to my facebook page and send me a message.  If you wish, your story can be shared completely anonymously!


But, without further ado here are the best of the best reasons to try and have a birth without medication:

  • A birth without an epidural deceases your chance for a c-section – Yes, it is true.  Interventions such as epidurals will increase your likelihood to have failure to progress and increase your chances for a c-section.  They may also cause a drop in blood pressure which could affect the health of your little blessing.
  • Faster Recovery – Most of the time a delivery without medication means much faster recovery time.  Moms who decided on a medicated birth are always extremely surprised at how quickly moms without medication recovered and are surprised at how quickly they are up and walking around.
  • It likely may be healthier for baby – There is really no conclusive research on the subject, but there is a lack of study on the overall health of a baby from an birth with an epidural opposed to a birth without one.  However, some speculate that a epidural could increase the risk of ADHD and other common childhood problems.  Who knows, but the medication does cross the placenta so who knows.
  • You miss out on natural euphoric feelings of oxytocin in the blood –  Once baby is born, your body will natural produce a hormone called oxytocin which causes feelings of bliss and euphoria.  With an epidural your body doesn’t have to produce oxytocin due to the fact that your ultimately can’t feel labor, plus mom has to have pitocin after her birth which also inhibits the release of oxytocin because it is a synthetic form.  This hormone also increases bonding between mom and baby.  It is a wonderful feeling for mom and baby after the birth experience.
  • A natural birth empowers mom – God created us women to do amazing things and birth is one of them. Our bodies are created to do an amazing work by bringing children into the world.  Once you experience birthing a child you feel as though you can do anything.  Plus, I believe it will give your partner a deeper sense of respect for you as well.  Birth can be an empowering experience when mom feels as though she is in control of her experience.

Have you had a natural birth or a medicated birth?  What are pros for either?  I’d love to hear about your experience.