5 Ways for Moms to Get Needed Me Time

Moms, how seriously do you take having me time?  I mean, do you take time out of your day to relax, read a book, take a bubble bath, take a walk?  Does your hubby take the kids once in awhile so that you can have a quite relaxing hour or two?  Since mothers day is right around the corner (not that you should take me time especially for mother’s day) I want to encourage all the mama’s out there to take time in their weeks to relax.  Here are 5 ways that might give much needed me time that you so desperately need (if you know it or not).

1. Read a book!  What you never read anymore?  And you love to read?  Forget the dishes, forget the laundry, forget even picking up the house for awhile and sit down with a book to relax.

2. Have hubby, a friend, or a sitter take your kids and go on a walk (BY YOURSELF!)  Don’t have it in the budget to get a sitter?  Find a friend where you can swap kiddos so you can each have some me times and build it into your schedule.

3. Scrapbook or take some time at a hobby you haven’t done in ages.  What do you love to do?  Take a little time today to relax and do it without household chores plaguing you.

4. Paint your toenails or fingernails.  Make yourself feel pretty.  If you are a mom of small children like I am, surely you don’t make yourself feel pretty enough.   I frequently go a day or two without showering anymore.  It is really not intentional.  But, when am I going to shower when I’ve got two little kids on the loose and I work from home?

5. Take a bubble bath, give yourself a facial, go to the gym or just take a nap.  Stick to things that energize you, not things that don’t.  Do something that is going to make you feel like you are really doing something for yourself!

And, most importantly don’t just take me time for Mother’s day.  Make it a habit, encourage yourself to relax and take some time out.  Chance are you will be happier about yourself, your own self image, and your life as a whole.  If you are struggling find a friend to help you along the way.  Find a fellow mom who needs to take me time as well and swap kids and encourage each other to take time out for yourself.

What about you?   What do you do for me time?