5 Ways to Boost Your Kid’s Intelligence

C’mon admit it.  You know that you want a smart kid.  All of us would love to say that our kid is one of the most intelligent around, especially at a very young age.  Here are a few ways to encourage smart thinking from birth so that your little one is ready to rock and roll once they are old enough for school.

1. Breastfeed – Don’t worry, you are mom enough.  I’m not advocating breastfeeding until age 4 or longer unless that is something that you and baby desires, but breastfeeding has been shown to increase IQ in children.  Just check out this article about a study from a professor at the University of Colorado Denver conducted in 2009.

2. Keep your TV Off – Commonly in many household’s the TV is on constantly.  Did you know that this can delay a child’s speech development?  Yep, a study conducted in 2005 shows just that.  If your child is having a hard time picking up words you might want to examine if you are one of those families with that TV being on whenever you are home.  You can check out this article on the reputable WebMD to read more about it.

3. Don’t Add Sugar to Your Child’s Diet – Most American’s consume WAY too much sugar.  I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that.  But, I am also frequently surprised at how much sugar moms and dad’s let their small children consume.  Many parents may be unaware that fruit snacks and granola bars contain corn syrup which is a very unhealthy form of sugar.  Poor memory, learning disorders and depression can all be linked to too much sugar in the diet.  You can read this article from Psychology Today if you want more information.  When children are young it is really simple to say no.  Don’t get caught in the trap thinking that you have to give your kids cookies, or even purchase cookies.

4. Supplement Your Child’s Diet with Omega 3 –  Omega 3’s are known to boost brain power.  This can be easily supplemented in your child’s diet.  Some of the best way to get these Omega 3s are the purchased pastured eggs from a local farmer, grass fed beef, and use quality cod liver oil supplements like Nordic Naturals or Green Pastures.

5. Read to Them – One of the biggest gifts you can give your children isthelove to read and gain knowledge (even if you don’t like to read).  Reading to them can increase cognitive development and send it through the roof!  Read to your children often.  There is a good chance that it will quickly increase their language skills as well as their awareness of their surroundings as they soak up concepts through books.

What are your thoughts?  Any more ideas to boost your kids intelligence?