A Million Uses for Those Plastic Easter Egg Plates

Are you getting Spring fever like I am? Have you run out of ideas for indoor activities.? Well, maybe these ideas will inspire you to do some crafts with your kids.

Now is the time to buy up those plates with the indentations for Easter Eggs! You might think, “What would I ever use them for?” Well, I have some suggestions! OK, not a million, but a few.

  • Paint Trays: When the kids or I work with craft paint, I used to use paper plates for a palette. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the colors separate, if you want to, on paper plates. Easter Egg Plates are PERFECT for squirting the colors into, keeping them separate, or mixing. Easy clean-up: just rinse and put into the dish-washer.
  • Beading: Rather than dig through the huge box of beads, separate them into the sections, and it’s easier to see all of them.
  • Glue and crafty things like pompoms and sequins: You can hold all the little crafty stuff and the glue in the same little caddy! And glue is actually easier to apply with paint brushes, or by dipping the pompoms in to it.
  • Candy and toppings for Ice Cream Sundaes: ’nuff said.

So what would you use those Easter Egg Plates for?

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