I get lots of encouragement from the community of readers we have here at the Mom Squad! I’m so excited that moms and dads are so involved, commenting and emailing me, I wanted to post them somewhere.

“I wish every city I was interviewing in had a site like this.  This is exactly the kind of information I want and need and can never find.  Kid/family centric information and a local perspective on everything from issues to restaurants.”  ~ Dad moving to the High Country

“Just wanted to pass along a note to you so say thanks. Because you left a comment on my blog (http://5stringkr.blogspot.com/) after I posted our baby sonar pics I passed along your link about High County Mom to my wife and she checked it out just in time to learn of the App Christian School consignment sale. Needless to say in 2 days time we went from no baby items in the house to a whole room full. I think she learn of both ACS and the sale in the mall from your site.  So I wanted to say thanks for the comment and for the link, it really helped out.” ~ Kenneth, Local New Dad

“This is a really great website.  I love checking it out daily.  I have two children who go to ———School.  I am from Boone and have lived here all my life.  Anyway I think you are doing a great job and I know there are lots of mommies that appreciate this website.   Just wanted to say Hi and let you know that I enjoy the MOM SQUAD!”

“I’m a new resident/mom in Boone, NC.  Your website, highcountrymomsquad, has been really helpful in getting-to-know what’s available here.”

“I learned about [Maternity Boutique] Suddenly Showing from your website, and now I tell everyone I know about it” ~ Local Mom

“Site looks great.  Wish I was a mom so I could read it without feeling a little wierd.” ~Local Dad

Hey, we love moms, dads, grandparents, anyone!  You don’t have to feel weird!

“My family and I will be moving to Boone soon. I was so excited to see your website and get familiar with the mom scene in Boone! It makes me excited about raising my girls there even if for a brief period of time. Just wanted to say thanks for creating such a wonderful site!”