Adoption: Preparing for the Home Study

If you have been through the adoption process or are currently going through the process, you know that the home visit can be very intimidating. Below are some things that are involved in the majority of home visits and some tips for getting prepared.

*Note: The agency you have selected to prepare your home study will give you a list of items/documents that you need for the visit. The requested information varies by the type of adoption and the state you live in, so be sure to follow the instructions provided by your agency.

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Information Requested by Most Agencies

• Autobiographical Statement
• Financial Documents
• Medical Reports
• Background Checks
• References

Tips for Getting Ready

• Be prepared to answer questions about your background, family, employment and life style.
• Have an idea of how you will deal with issues related to the child’s adjustment and discipline.
• Make sure your home is equipped with proper safety equipment (ex. smoke alarms).
• The case worker will want to make sure you have adequate space to accommodate a child/children. Where will the child be sleeping?
• Don’t overly stress about the cleanliness of you house. Yes, you want your house to be clean and safe, but most case workers understand that some clutter is to be expected.

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