Adoption Spotlight: China

At one time China was one of the most popular international adoption programs.  However in the past few years they have added more guidelines to their adoption procedures.  These guidelines are not meant to deter families interested in adoption, but more to help guarantee the welfare of their children.  As always, this is just an overview, so if you are interested in adoption, please seek guidance from an adoption professional.

About ChinaAdopt China

Population:  1.3 billion peopleLanguage(s):  Standard Chinese or Mandarin (for other languages see
Currency: Yuan
Capital:  Beijing

Who Can Adopt

  • Married couples between 30 to 50 years old.  The age of the couple will influence the age of the child assigned.
  • Couples must be married at least two years.

*Note:  If previously divorced, couples must be married at least five years, and no more than two divorces per couple.

  • No more than four children in the home.
  • Couples must be mentally and physically in good condition.  Certain illnesses and disabilities may affect adoption eligibility.  See further information regarding health requirements at the U.S. Department of State.
  • For further requirements see U.S. Department of State or speak with an accredited adoption professional.

China Adoption Highlights

  • Primarily female infants, ages 8 months to 18 months are available for adoption.  In some cases toddlers and boys may be available.  Special needs children are also available.
  • The cost for adoption is approximately $20,000 to $30,000.
  • The approximate wait time is three years.
  • The in-country stay is about two weeks and only one trip is required.
  • Children can be adopted from either an orphanage or foster care.
  • A home study and post placement report is required for adoption.

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