Advertising Policies on the High Country Mom Squad

Next week will be the grand opening of the High Country Mom Squad, which I am dubbing, “Momapalooza.” We’ll have a giveaway every day to thank all the readers who have helped our site get going!

With “Momapalooza” coming up next week, I want to be clear about how advertising works on this website: What do I get paid for?

Official Sponsors:

  • The graphics on the sidebar are our official sponsors. They pay a monthly fee for a space on all pages of the site.
  • I also occasionally write my opinions about the sponsors. When this happens, you will always see the words,

“Disclosure: ______ is a HC Mom Squad sponsor.”

  • I will focus on some positive aspects of the business, and tell you what I love about them. All of my opinions are TRUTHFUL and candid. If I cannot truthfully recommend a business to you, I will NOT accept them as a sponsor.
  • The sponsors are the ones who make this website possible! If you visit, tell them you saw them on the High Country Mom Squad!
Giveaways and Contests (promotions):
  • I am NOT compensated monetarily for giveaways and contests on the High Country Mom Squad.
  • Why do I do it then? One of my goals for this website is to help great, local business get their word out to you. It’s great publicity for them, and it’s FUN for us!
  • If I do a product review, I may receive the product in order to review it. Sometimes I’ll give the reviewed item away in a contest.
I will NEVER give away your email address or personal information to a third party, nor spam you with other marketing. I only use your information to deliver Mom Squad updates, respond to comments and alert you if you win something.

If you have any questions, or would like to inquire about Advertising or Promotions, please email me at singforhim94 [at] yah** [com].

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