Appalachian Therapeutic Bodyworks Winners

We had a tremendous response to the bodywork sessions. Apparently, y’all really like massages! Me, too, and I went to Appalachian Therapeutic Bodyworks yesterday for a session. It really was amazing. I liked the fact that Barry does the sessions with the client fully clothed, I’m not really comfortable any other way. But he was very professional, and during the session at times, I didn’t even notice he was there. Oh, he did a great job, but I was just so relaxed and totally not self-conscious. I could tell that he was being very precise with the pressure points and techniques he used, and he worked to align my joints and spine. When I got up, I felt at least two inches taller. I will definitely wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. He will customize the session to any needs or issues you have.

Barry also has a massage chair, which he can bring to your workplace or function. He charges $1 a minute for on-site chair massages. I seriously want to hire him for teacher appreciation day at my daughter’s school! Wouldn’t that be better than a teacher mug and a candle?

What? You want me to stop rambling, and announce the winners? Oh, alright! According to, here are the winners. I figured I’d better take a screenshot so you’ll believe I was impartial! 😉

Comment #17 Ashleigh Stroot

Comment #26 Jennifer Cook

Congratulations ladies, and I’ll contact you to redeem your prize.

Next week, we’ll have something you and your kids will like!.


  1. Congrats Ladies!!