Are You “Suddenly Showing?”

Have you ever heard anyone say, “There is really nowhere to get great maternity and nursing clothes in Boone!”? I have , too. And I know I said it when I was pregnant with my kids.

Well, now, there is an awesome maternity/nursing shop right here in Boone. Suddenly Showing is a boutique run by a local mom, in the New Market Center area.

Turn on 194 at the light near Lowe’s Foods, then take your first right onto Perkinsville Road. Turn Right again on Tarheel Lane, after Mike’s Inland Seafood, and Suddenly Showing is on the left.

Suddenly Showing has some classic pieces, including casual, business, and dressy attire. There are even some things I’d wear, even though I’m not pregnant! That empire waist look is totally in style, right?

Anyway, whether you’re pregnant or not, you should stop in and see what they’ve got! And they are offering 10% off for Mom Squad Readers. Just mention that you heard it here!

And now a question for YOU! What was the one piece of maternity clothing you could not do without?

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Disclosure: Suddenly Showing is a Mom Squad sponsor.



  1. I loved the low-rise jeans! I never could stand the panel pants that came over the belly! I also had a pretty black shirt with embroidered flowers around the top. I wore that when I wanted to be sure I looked nice.

  2. By far my jeans. I felt like they kept me in style and went w/ any top I wanted to wear.

  3. You two are right on! I am such a jean woman, too. I have to say that unlike you though, Sarah, I liked the jeans that had the panel that came over the belly better. My belly button stuck out so obviously, the panel helped calm it down. (smile)

  4. I also loved the “over the belly” panel jeans. I guess I’m made funny and my “low riders” were always sliding downwards!!

  5. Oh, girl! My behind kept them up just fine!! (LOL)

  6. My favorite piece and best investment was a zip-up maternity sweater. Being pregnant in the winter yet always seeming to be hot made deciding what to wear a challenge. Problem solved with the sweater. I could wear short sleeved shirts and throw on the sweater when I got chilly. I still wear it sometimes…. 🙂

  7. Avatar newmommyto4 says

    I could not have lived with out my cotton maternity pants. They were light enough that I did not get too hot but also kept the chill off on those cool mornings when it was too cool to wear shorts or capris. They were also made not to cut in to your tummy so they were super comfy. The more you washed them the softer they got!
    And I could even wear them after I had the baby, when nothing else would fit. These pants had drawstrings.