Ashe Kids’ Market

In this economy, we need all the help we can get to save money, while providing all of our children’s needs! I am seeing more and more economic survival techniques, such as bartering, thrift shopping, clothes swaps, and yes… consignment sales!

When it comes to low-cost solutions for everyday life, I say, “The more, the merrier!”

Kid’s Market Children’s Consignment Sale will be coming to Ashe County this fall.


Here are the important dates for this sale, which you can also find at Visit the website for all the information and to contact the sale coordinator, Kristin Sevensky.

Sale Dates
Wednesday August 26th: volunteers (4-5pm) and consignors (5-7pm) private sale

Thursday August 27th: public sale 8am – 7pm

Friday August 28th: public sale 8am – 7pm

Saturday August 29th: public sale 8am – 7pm

Closed Sunday

Monday August 31st:  ½ price sale 8am – 7pm

Consignor Drop-Off Dates
Thursday, August 20th: 9am – noon; 4pm – 6pm

Friday, August 21st: 9am – noon; 4pm – 6pm

Saturday, August 22nd: 9am – noon; 4pm – 6pm

Consignor Pick Up Date: Wednesday September 2nd 4pm – 7pm.