Ask the Pediatrician

This week, I have the privileged of interviewing Dr. St. Clair, from Blue Ridge Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine for Mom Squad TV! When we were planning the topic, Dr. St. Clair thought it would be a great idea for readers to submit questions that they have. He really wants to cover information that we moms need!

So please, leave a comment and ask a question for Dr. St. Clair!

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  1. Oh, I have many questions that I could ask, but here is one that I’d like to know his thoughts on…
    A friend of mine told me when her daughter had a stomach bug she couldn’t keep anything down, even water. So, she mixed some lemon Jell-O with some water & let her daughter sip on that & it was the only thing she could keep down. Does Dr. St. Claire advise this? What would be in the Jell-O that would enable her daughter to keep this down, but not not plain water?

  2. With the scares of menigitis and other “mimicking” illnesses- when should I bring my child in for flu-like symptoms rather than just let the bug “work itself out”?

  3. My daughter is 5. She is eating ALOT. She is not over weight. She is small for her age.
    She will eat anything. When should I limit food? or should I? I am scared eating so much will cause eating problems later. She eats healthy stuff as well as a few unhealthy things. Overall she is a great eater but I am scared of the amount she is eating. I just do not want a weight problem later.

  4. Why does my 2 year old eat crayons and markers?

  5. My daughter is also 5 and she is so picky as to what she eats that I feel like she isn’t getting enough. I have tried taste tests, sneaking healthy foods into other foods… She makes her mind up that she is not going to like it before she tastes it and refuses to eat it. If she does taste it she makes a face, spits it out and refuses to eat it. When she eats lunch at school, she chooses one or two things like pizza and peaches with no vegtables in sight. I just keep offering new and heathy foods in the hopes that she will cave in. She is not under weight but she is small for her age. I don’t want her diet to consist of so much processed foods like corn dogs and chicken nuggets, so what do i do?

  6. I would also love to hear about limiting foods. My oldest daughter (almost 7) will eat and eat until I finally stop her. She eats healthy foods, like fresh fruits, cheeses, and raw vegetables, but I am somewhat concerned with her constant desire to eat. We do 3 meals and 1-2 snacks a day, and try to limit her eating in front of the television (even snacks) since this seems to make her even more of a bottomless pit. Like the other mom, I am not concerned with her current weight – she is quite normal in proportions (if a little tall for her age), but I worry about creating problems later in life.

    Thanks!!! This is a fabulous idea for a show topic!

  7. Those are awesome questions! I’m seeing a little bit of a trend here… hmmm.

  8. We live on a farm and have multiple dogs and cats. The dogs are free-roaming and although we do deworm them, with their “special diet” of who knows what, I wonder should my child be screened for parasites? Can roundworms and other canine and feline worms be transmitted to a child via close contact? If yes, what are the symptoms of infestation? Also, if a child gets pinworms, is the OTC suspension sufficient to treat it or should we get an Rx?

  9. Michelle B. says

    I am curious to know more about growth charts. My daughters have consistently been on the 5th percentile, if not lower (or off the chart) for weight, and I am seeing some trends with friends’ children being on the lower scale. At what point do the dr.’s get concerned? Also, after seeing sooo many children on the lower end of the scale, I am beginning to wonder what this scale is based on? Does breastfed vs. formula fed have anything to do with it? And if so, is there any way to adjust the averages to accommodate our children?

  10. Am I too late for this??

    I had a question about nose bleeds. My husband has cronic nose bleeds when he was younger and had his nose cauterized a few times. He still does get the occasional nose bleed for no reason.

    My son just recently started getting nose bleeds. They usually happen in the middle of the night and he’ll wake up in the morning with the remnants of it on him and on his sheets and pillows. My question is when, or if, I should be concerned and do something about it? I know my husband does NOT have found memories of having the procedure done and don’t want to have it done if I don’t have to.

  11. We filmed the segment today, and it went very well! We had such a great response that we are trying to arrange a regular feature where readers can write in questions! I’ll keep you posted!

  12. I am so excited about this segment! I always seem to have questions for our Peditrician. Whoever thougt of doing this is a genius!!! It must have been you, Sarah!

  13. Thanks Lillie! Actually it was Dr St Clair’s idea and I loved it!

  14. When should take action regarding the toileting habits of a preschooler? My son is almost 4.5 years old and rarely goes a full day without having an accident (usually urine, but not always). I think that much of it is just “small leaks” (i.e., a little leaks out before he gets to the bathroom). Should he be examined by a medical professional for infection?