ASU Community Music School Opens Registration

The ASU Community Music School opens the year by welcoming a new director, Dr. Nicole Sonbert. The school is excited to announce its new offerings this fall to include group piano classes for beginners, the Appalachian Youth Chorale for budding young singers, and private lesson offerings in numerous musical disciplines. Check out the website to for more information and to register:

The $25 registration fee is waived for all registrations before September 15, so click the link now. Also, the school offers payment plans, & assistance; your balance does not need to be paid all at once.

The assistance funding comes primarily through donations. The school appreciates your honesty about your needs, as they have limited funds and want to make these programs possible for the maximum number of families. The application for tuition assistance is included during registration. Please email CMS director for any additional questions, Dr. Nicole Sonbert (