Everyone’s Welcome at the Avery County Health Fair

The Avery County Health Fair is coming May 27, 2010 to the Avery County Senior Center, located at 165 Schultz Circle, Newland. The Health Fair will last from 7:30-10:30 AM.

Anyone is welcome, regardless of age, and it’s a great chance to get your overall health checked out without spending a lot.  Several screenings are offered FREE:

  • Finger-stick BloodsugarAppalachian Regional Healthcare
  • Hearing
  • Vision
  • Glaucoma
  • Blood Pressure
  • Fitness and Body Fat testing
  • Depression and Stress Assessment

Avery Couty Health FairBlood work is discounted tremendously, but you have to fast before the fair:

  • CBC $10
  • CMP $15
  • Lipid Panel $15
  • CBC, CMP, Lipids all three $35
  • PSA for men over 40 $15
  • ALC for diabetics $10

For more information about the Avery County Health Fair, call 828-773-8220..


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