Beauty and the Beast 3D Review

It was the summer of 1992, I had just graduated High School, and was a counselor at a YMCA Camp.  One of my best friends, Kiki, and I had the most fun that summer! More crazy adventures and laughs of any year, before or after. One night, on a whim, we decided to pop the newest Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, in the old VCR. What? You don’t remember VCR tapes? They’re basically like DVDs, only huge and square. Think “bag phone” as opposed to the iPhone.

VHS Tape

Anyway, as 18-year-olds with wacky sense of humor, much hilarity ensued as we accused our image-conscious guy friends of being Gaston, and wrote a parody which is forever lost in a box at the bottom of Kiki’s basement. (Do you still have that Kiki?)

So… I was delighted when my three girls and I had a chance to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D at Regal Cinemas in Boone.  I have actually never seen Beauty and the Beast on the big screen, despite it being one of my favorite animated films.  But I wasn’t sure about presenting a hand-drawn film in 3D. It could either be really cool, or kind of cheesy.

Our girls’ night out began with adorable special edition 3D glasses, branded with “Beauty and the Beast,” for the girls.  I was a little disappointed that I just got the plain black ones, but whatevs. As the opening scene unfolded on the screen, I knew that the 3D version of this classic tale was going to be fantastic.

Beauty and the Beast 3D

The Story

What better story to present to my daughters, than a strong young woman who sees past narcissistic men, loves learning, and values true beauty? If they grow up to be like Belle, I will be one blessed mother. The comedy is ingenius, the characters endearing, and the scary parts are not too freaky for the 6-year-old. I always laugh when Gaston says, “Every last inch of me’s covered with HAIR!” I always cry when Gaston stabs the Beast, and Belle think he’s dead.  I also appreciated the fact that there is no political propaganda in this movie.  Too many kids’ movies today make me feel like I’m being indoctrinated into the cause d’jour.  But aside from the emphasis on becoming an educated woman, and holding out for true beauty, it was just a great story.

The Look

There’s something about a hand-drawn Disney movie. In this age of Blu-Ray, and animatronics, it’s quaint to know that there is a real live artist putting his vision on paper. Combining the nostalgia of the old-style film with the cutting edge 3D technology was brilliant. It worked beautifully.  When Belle first appeared in her yellow gown to dance with the Beast, we let out a gasp.  But by far, my favorite 3D scene was “Be Our Guest.” The dishes, napkins and food dancing in the air was novel when the movie first came out, but it was spectacular in 3D.

Our Conclusion

The only thing we didn’t like about this movie was when it was over. Seriously, if you’re looking for an excellent night out with your kids (or by yourself for that matter), this movie  is a sure bet. We ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant after the movie, and Ava couldn’t help but use the chips for fangs and pretend she was the Beast.

She asked me to put this picture on my blog, with a talk bubble 😉

Did you see the movie? What did you think?


Beauty  & the BeastB 3D is playing at the Regal Cinemas at New Market Center. Check the show times here.