Birthdays in the High Country

Yesterday, there was a great discussion on, a web forum for, well.. High Country moms. Someone asked about where to have a kids’ birthday party, so I thought we could post some ideas here. I haven’t done research into costs and specifics, so if you’re interested in one of these ideas, the best thing to do is to call for more information.

These are the places I’ve been for parties:

Chick-Fil-A: What can I say? Theres a play area, chicken nuggets, balloons, ice cream, and some one to clean up after the party! Slam dunk! In my opinion, Chick-Fil-A is probably best suited for kids 7 and under.

The Swim Complex: Again, what can I say? A kiddie pool with a fountain, a big pool for the big kids, and chairs for the moms! They will reserve the kiddie pool area for you, and provide a table. You can just bring in your cake and snacks, etc.

Pizza Hut in Boone: We had a Princess Party for my then four year old at Pizza Hut, and it was great. They reserve a separate room if you call ahead, and even a TV with a DVD player. We put on the Disney Princess Sing-Along DVD, and had enough space to play princess hopscotch.

CiCi’s Pizza: A few years ago, we went to a party at CiCi’s. It was in the late morning, right before lunch. The kids got to go back to the kitchen and make their own pizzas, then play in the game room. The party was about over by the time the lunch crowd came in.

Boone Bowling Center: The first administrator of the High Country Mommies, Christina had a birthday party at the Bowling Alley, and it was really fun. It’s usually not that crowded in the afternoons, and they have a few different packages you can buy. This one is a little pricey for my budget, I think, and it’s probably best for kids 6 and over.

Appalachian Ski Mountain: One of my daughters’ friends had an ice skating party at App Ski Mtn. They have rooms in the lodge you can use, then go down and skate. The skating price is a little high during regular hours, but I’ll let you in on a secret. HipChick (my 7 year-old) wanted to have a skating party, but we couldn’t afford the regular rates. We scheduled the party for the first snow day in January, and set it up with a few friends. It’s only $6.oo each on snow days! It was perfect. We just did presents in the little “ice hut” right there, since we didn’t have too many kids, and I bought everyone hot chocolate.

My favorite party ever was at the Mountain Advantage corn maze and pumpkin patch in Ashe County. Of course it’s only available in September and October, but if your birthday is in one of these months, it’s a jackpot! The Mountain Advantage Farm has two huge corn mazes, pumpkin painting, giant sling shots which you use to launch tennis balls into floating tires in the lake, a big blow up bouncing slide, and more. As the kids go through the maze, they can collect information about corn from several checkpoints, then turn it in for a prize. My whole family came up from “the flatlands” with their kids, and made a vacation out of it. All the kids from 2 years old to 11 had a great time (not to mention the adults!)

I know that birthday parties are available at the Playhouse in Boone, and the Playroom in Ashe County, but I have never been to one.

This is just one example of the community that happens on I’ve been involved for the past year, and have made some really awesome friends. Any question you have, you can ask about 150 moms at once! If you need a doctor, have trouble with postpartom issues, want to brag on your kids, and just connect with someone else in the midst of the isolation of housework, log on and try it! We also have lots of Playdates and Mom’s Nights Out!

So where are your favorite places to have birthday parties?

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  1. Debbie Canady says

    The Brick Oven on Beech Mountain has a game room and a putt-putt golf course. Their menu includes pizza, sandwiches, salads and more. My office is located above the restaurant and there are children there all of the time. It is a great place for a birthday party, families, etc. as the kids can do what they want while the adults get to spend time chatting. 402 Beech Mountain Parkway. For more information call Ilena or Jim at 397-4000 or 387-3612.

  2. Anonymous says

    New River Gymnastics Academy does birthday parties too. You can only have a few people at the party, but it looks like a lot of fun!!

  3. Skate World is our favorite place to go for our cold-weather birthdays; otherwise, we like Valle Crucis Park or, now, the Tot Lot. I have a 10,5, and almost 4-year old. Even my 10-year old doesn’t get bored (and that’s a defeat in and of itself if you know any 10-year olds). You can call ahead and book a table for your party and stay from 7-9:45. They’ll announce the birthday boy/girl’s name over the intercom and wish him/her a happy birthday, too. They always get a kick out of that!

  4. my daughter went to a party at New River Gymnastics and it was fun! not sure if you need to be a student there to use the facility, though

    and yes, Pizza Hut is great for kids parties

  5. Anonymous says

    Claire’s at Shops on the Parkway will do parties for little girls after hours where they get to pick goodies to take home. I don’t know how expensive it is, but girls in the 5-7 age group love it!